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Fibro in San Antonio
6 Replies
Endofighter - September 16

Hello, I'm new here but not to Fibro. Just a brief on me while I ramble a bit. I was diagnosed 10 yrs ago, been on Lyrica/Savella 5 yrs. I also now have a long list of other health problems, some Fibro related some just associated with. I used to be active in groups until I became pregnant with my twins who are now 7. I am now realizing that, until last year, I thought my Fibro was being controlled, it really was not. My body inside and out has been attacking itself and it sucks when your internal organs hurt and you don't understand why. I was told by a rheumy here that I am out of medical options and he passed me off to a pain management and psych. This is new to me since before my fibro was managed by rheumatologists. This scares me because I have developed so many sensitivities to medications and been on Lyrica and Savella for so long, I fear what may happen switching around meds. I am considered a single (husband is deployed for another yr) mother of 4 active children and a college student, I need to be able to mentally and physically function.

Does anyone know of specialists in San Antonio? How about coming off of Lyrica or Savella and dealing with the side effects?


Jocelyn - September 17

I am so sorry to hear of you situation. It is not unlike many people hear.

You should be managed by a Rheumatologist, Fibro falls under their care.

If you do a search in the blue box for the medications that you want to come off of, you will find post that explain how some people felt coming off of particular medications.

Myself, I am not on the two drugs you are, but was offered it by my Rheumy, I have tried other methods like Gluten Free. Lots of stretching througout the day and exercises that do not aggrivate the situation. Everyone is so different and you still have young children. Looking back, I had pain since I was in my early 30's, but didn't know what it was. It got real bad as I got older and so did the sensitivity to everything, even the medication I was taking to help me. You are the only person who can try to figure out what works for you.

Keep me posted, and I hope you find someone who can help you.


January - September 22

Hi endofighter - I don't know what you mean when you say your internal organs hurt and your body is attacking itself. But a lot of these "fibro drugs" quit working after a while - and sometimes they cause serious side effects.

I took a variety of SSRIs and SNRIs for a couple decades and I think they made me very sick. I finally quit cold turkey - which I don't advise. If you've been taking these drugs for a while, you probably need a very good thorough physical exam and extensive blood work to see if you have any physical problems which might have been caused by the drugs. You can do some research to see what some of the reported problems are. SOMEBODY gets these problems, otherwise they wouldn't be documented in the literature - so don't let anybody pat you on the head and tell you you're crazy! Then you need to taper down very slowly, with a doctor's help.

I don't know what your fibro symptoms are, but I went strictly gluten free (it takes a while to learn that gluten is lurking in many products, but the diet is basically healthy fresh food). It took about a year, but the diet completely took away my muscle pain. I also had lidocaine injections into trigger points in my back, along with massage. No more pain there.

If you are considering stopping the drugs, there is a good website that offers a lot of great information and support. I have not used their services, but their info looks excellent. I wish they had been around when I quit. I just went through a couple years of hell getting off the drugs. Google theroadback (dot) org. We can't post URLs on here. Good luck with it.

This only applies to me of course, but I found that a lot of my problems were caused by the drugs I was taking for fibro. No doctor would tell me that though - I had to do my own research online. A good site to research drug side effects is drugs (dot) com. Scroll way down to the information for health professionals - hopefully you can understand it. If not, just read the other stuff. And also, you can get some great information if you google the name of your drug plus lawsuit. Or the name of your drug plus side effects, or withdrawals. Another great place for information on drugs is peoplespharmacy (dot) com. This is a forum where you can ask questions, and talk with other people about drugs. The forum is run by a couple of pharmacist professionals.

Good luck. You will have to educate yourself and fight for yourself, but you deserve a good diagnostic workup - not to just be written off due to fibromyalgia, which may be a made-up disease entity anyway. There are some really interesting videos about Big Pharma on You Tube. Some are about the enormous profits made on fibro drugs like antidepressants. I am proud to say I no longer take them, and I never will - and I'm better now that I'm off them. They apparently work for some people - but for others they are not so good. You need to learn all you can and make up your own mind. Good luck to you, and let us know how you are doing.


ChandraRL - March 19

Endofighter dont know if you are still monitoring this but I just read your post and feel like I am reading my own story. Mother of 2 small Children here in San Antonio. Was taking Savella had some nasty side effects for that and currently on Lyrica. I don't feel my Rhuemy is the right doctor for my escalating symptoms either. Did you ever find someone here in SA? What pain specialist were/are you seeing?


Endofighter - March 20

Hello Chandra,

No, I did not find a specialist here, but I did see pain management. They increased my Lyrica back to a dosage I was on a few years ago, before a general pcm lowered it claiming I was on too much.

Since moving my dosage back up I have made some lifestyle changes which seemed to make a huge difference. I decreased my stress load, started doing some light weight training (no cardio), and gave myself a strict bedtime to make sure I get 8 hours of sleep.

I will always have to deal with pain, that is the curse of this disease, plus having arthritis and Degenerative Disc Disease. All I can do is fight to not allow it to control my life.

When you started Savella, did it make you nauseous? Sometimes you have to give the meds a few weeks (can be up to 8 weeks) to adjust, especially if you have not been on a SSRI or SSNRI before.


ChandraRL - March 20

Did you like the doctor you saw and the pain management clinic? Would you mind sharing their info if you did?
The Savella caused me to have tachycardia and sever sweating episodes.
I have been on multiple anti-depressants as I suffered from PPD with both pregnancies. I am not looking for miracle cure and am currently adjusting lifestyle as much as possible with a 2 and 4 year old sons.
I just want to find a doctor that I can build a relationship with who understands FMS.


Endofighter - March 21

I do understand. Last name was Mina. Can seem harsh at first, but was actually turned out nice. I can not take most of the meds out there due to sensitivities, so I am over all limited and he still worked with me.



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