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Fibromyalgia and pregnancy
70 Replies
tratracee - July 11

Can anyone share their experiences of pregnancy while suffering from fibromyalgia?


klo - May 19

my guess is yes. But I'm interested in reading what others have said.


Emma - June 10

The first few months i felt fantastic now i'm 7 months and i can hardly breath, i feel dreadfull, i ache all over and i can't wait till it is all over.


anonymous - June 11

I'm surprised to hear that you are in so much pain, are you sure that it has to do with having FMS or do you think it's just due to being pregnant? I'm asking this only cause I've heard that most women with FMS go through remission during pregnancy and only begin to suffer again AFTER the baby is born.


Jeannie - June 17

My experience has beeen similar to Emma's. My FMS has flared up now that I'm in my 7th month. The circulation in my hands and arms has been poor. All day I have tingling, achiness, stiffness, and burning sensations in my hands and arms. I wake up several times through the night, not use the bathroom, but because my hands are in excruciating pain. I understand that swelling is very common in this point in pregnancy--actually a good sign that my baby's growing. However, I think the swelling is aggrevating my FMS. The most frustrating part is that I can't take any of the medications that are effective for me and I have yet to find suggestions on how to cope with FMS during pregnancy.


Joanne - July 11

try tiger balm and get massages and talk to your dr about if the baby is large enough premature c section. Any one have any input after the baby is born on how they feel?


Beth - July 13

I was just about to ask about this. :) I had a baby 4 1/2 months ago (my second), and my FMS seems to be SO much worse now. I had all the regular pregnancy symptoms, and they got pretty bad (aches, breathing problems, fatigue, etc.) (Jeannie, watch that swelling, though--make sure to tell your doc so that they can make sure you're not developing some hypertension...)
But anyway, before this baby I had I had daily symptoms but only had bad flareups every few months. Now it seems like every other week, something attacks me. This week it is bowel syptoms--abdominal pains, terrible gas/bloating, etc. A couple months ago, I went to the emergency room because I was having chest symptoms--not pain, but a sort of fluttery, twitchy feeling. Plus I just felt like doodoo. :) Spent 5 hours there, got ekg, blood tests only to be told all's normal, it's either acid reflux or stress. It finally dawned on me, after I started getting pain and the tinglies, that this was just another lovely fibro symptom I hadn't experienced yet.
I really hope that this starts to ease up soon. It is getting awfully difficult to function, I am getting depressed and anxious, and it's making it hard to raise my girls with the quality and care I'd like to.
Anyone else had this post-partum difficulty? Does it get better?!


Steph - July 14

I am now in my second pregnancy and having a lot of difficulties, during my first my fibro was not present at all...I find that I get really bad flare ups when I don't get enough sleep, and as we with children know, you get less sleep when you have kids. I have found that chiropratic treatment and massage has worked well for me, **be sure to notify the people that give you treatment that you have fibro because you can end up hurting more after...It is relaxing and quite. I had many massages durning my first pregnancy, and it was wonderful, this time I haven't had the time but the pain I am in is making me find the time to relax...


Chris - July 18

I have had 5 children before and 3 after diagnosis. Every pregnancy after the 7th month it became increasingly worse. by my 9th month I was begging for a c section. I couldn't walk. My husband had to help me do everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING. Then after my 6th child I almost bled to death. They said it was because my uterous was stiff like a cramping muscle. It wouldn't contract anymore. I had to have a DNC to stop the bleeding. Same with my 7th pregnancy. My 8th never saw the light of day. My uterous clamped down in my 8th month. I thank God that I'm still here. My suggestion is don't have more than 2 children if you have any simptoms of fibromyalgia. I love my childen and would never go back. But my pain is more frequent now and is more severe. I've had to have a nanny since my 3rd, I am unable to care for my children without her. [email protected] [email protected]


Jo - July 19

Can anyone advise me I was dx with fibro/cosstcochondritis. Am also considering getting pregnant is that a really bad idea having a baby?


Jeri - July 24

Hi, I am not pregnant, but have had FMS for 20 years, and my daughter now 33, who has FMS since she was a teenager, maybe pregnant now. She is just begining all day nausea. For those with hand and arm pain, I reccomend wrist braces you can find in most drug stores, especially at night, they help stop pain in fingers and hand, also helps to alleviate possible corpal tunnel syndrome which is common with fbromites. Hope this helps some of you a little. Also for the tinglies and numbness or pain there is a topical lotion available by the name of Dibetaid that can help. Be sure to wash your hand and nails throughly, I do twice to make sure it is all off, because it can cause burning if you rub your eyes or near mouth.


Jessica - August 12

Hi. I am 23 years old and have had Fibro since a car accident in 99. It hit me very fast! within 2 years I lost all the jobs I tried, was no longer allowed to drive a bike or rollerblade or work. So I tried doing a course @ home, they are being charged so that didn't work out.I have been on disability now for a year and my Fibro seems to be getting even worse. The night sweats wake me up all night, the restless leg is now a restless body the feeling of bugs all over me when I lay down is worse. I am experiencing new feelings and symptoms of Fibro. I want to know if anyone has any suggestions to help me decide what to do about having a baby. Like I said I am 23 years old and I feel that if this is Fibro, what will I be like in 3 years? Will I even be able to carry a child for 9 months? Or should I not wait any longer and try to concieve a baby soon? Me and my partner are willing to do what we have to to concieve a child as soon as possible if we know that it is just not worth the risk of waiting. Please someone help me I don't know what to do. I am so scared that if I wait 3 years to have have a baby even 2 years that something may happen that I don't get to even have a baby at all in my life! I only want one!


Theresa - August 18

Hello. I’ve had FM since I was a teenager. Probably since, I was 12 and got hit in the face with a surfboard. I have a 7 month old who was born at 29 weeks. He’s good now.
The first 5 months I had morning sickness. I was ok after that, didn’t really have any major symptoms until 7 months. Around 7 months I swelled up and my FM symptoms came back in full force. For 3 weeks I looked like I was 9 months and felt like it too. Swollen ankles, aches, brakston hicks and a lot of pain. I put myself on bed rest because I didn’t feel so good. The whole time I was going to the chiropractor, which did help some. My water broke early and my son was 10 weeks premature. My contractions were about 5 minutes apart the entire labor, even at the end when I was pushing. Afterwards I was soar and achy again. My FM came back full force and I couldn’t take any meds because I was breastfeeding. It was definitely tough on me and I’m really glad that my husband helped out so much. Now, my FM is about the same as it’s always been.
I probably will only have 1 more child. It is worth it, but it’s really tough and you’ll need a good support system. I’m not sure if my FM was the reason for my early delivery, but so far the doctors haven’t found another reason. I don’t mean to scare you, just prepare you for all eventualities. Good luck.


Nicole - September 13

I have been suffering from Fibromyalgia for 14 years. I am only 32. I am now in the very early stages of my third pregnancy. Both previous pregnancies went very easily, my symptoms all but disappear, with the exception of a little achiness (to be expected when your joints are expanding for a baby) and migraines. For the last two years I was kept on numerous medications to treat the fibro. Let me tell you, it was not cheap, nor did it TREAT. It covers your symptoms. Fibro is actually caused by a lack of seratonin. The same as migraines. If you replace the seratonin, it greatly reduces your symptoms, without the SSRIs the heavy sedatives, and it lets you SLEEP, to restore muscles and mental health. Use's sold at GNC's and most drug stores in the vitamin section. It's safe to take during pregnancy, I used it with my second child after it was ok'd by the dr. Do some research, don't simply rely on doctors that want your money, but don't offer REAL solutions.


Maryann - September 22

You ladies are all so BRAVE. I'm 37 and have had FM since I was 23. Been trying to have a baby for 2 years and have had 2 miscarriages. I am so scared that I will NEVER have a baby due to my history of miscarriages and then I have the whole FM factor to add to the mix. Has anybody been in similiar circumstances? Feeling really alone.


tonyab1838 - September 23

Maryann, I am right there with you. I have had 1 miscarriage and 3 surgeries due to female problems. The FMS came up last year and I know how you feel. I am 35 and it is scary. Just remember that because you may not be able to get pregnant, you could still be a mother. There are a lot of children that need love. I know that it isn't the same but love comes in several ways. Take care of yourself and God bless!


Beth - September 25

Maryann, don't give up and try not to stress too much. I've had fibro for almost 20 years but didn't get diagnosed until 5 years ago. I was 39 when I had my first daughter, and 42 with my second. It took us 10 years of trying off and on (couldn't afford fertility treatment, insurance didnt cover that), had several early miscarriages, but one day it just happened (and once you have the first, the second seems to conceive easier). As I wrote above, my fibro got a lot worse for awhile after the second, but it seems to have let up on me a bit. :) I'm still having problems, but not nearly so bad. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I met be getting back to "normal" (haha) I can handle that, been doing it for lots of years.
You're right, it's scary, but my girls are SOOO worth it! And like tonyab says, there are lots of kids out there that need love if you can't have your own. Good luck and love to you!



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