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Flouride poisoning
5 Replies
lacey - April 17

I have been doing a lot of researching since being diagnosed with this horrid complaint. One thing that really stands out is flouride poisoning. SO for that reason I am going to buy myself some spring or distilled water to drink instead of tap water and see what happens. Gotta buy myself some flouride free toothpaste as well.

i sure hope this works but I can't start until I can get someone to buy and carry the huge bottle out of the shop for me.

Has anyone else tried staying off the tap water, to see if your fibromyalgia gets better?


Fantod - April 17

Lacey - In my opinion, you are wasting your time. I drink filtered water and have for years. It makes no difference in terms of my FMS symptoms.

There is no cure for FMS. The sooner you accept your diagnosis and learn to live with it the better. You are creating more stress for yourself which is not something you want when living with FMS.

Researching is one thing. Assuming that everything you read is "the" cure is another. Rest assured there are plenty of hucksters out there willing to sell you all kinds of things purported to cure FMS. If you are determined to get a huge bottle of spring water it certainly won't hurt you. Chances are pretty darn good that it won't cure you either. Just stay away from wrist bands for FMS, energy bands, Dr Franks Pain Spray and so on.

I'd like to suggest that you go to Amazon and purchase "Fibromyalgia for Dummies." Like all of the dummies series it contains good basic information on managing FMS. It discusses the use of conventional medicine and some homeopathic therapies that are helpful. Knowlege is power.

There are homeopathic remedies that will help which have been discussed on this board I use a mix of homeopathic and conventional medicine to manage my symptoms. I know that you are new and really having a hard time with all of this. Over time, things will improve once you get a handle on your symptoms and become better at managing this syndrome. I hope that my comments are helpful to you in some way. Keep asking questions so we can help you through this. Take care and God Bless.


January - April 17

Hi Lacey -- I tried distilled water - and fluoride free toothpaste. No noticeable effect on my fibro. Though, I agree, fluoride is probably not good for us and it's not smart to put a lot of it in our bodies. I think you've read some of the things I've read about it.

Depending on where you live, your tap water could be fairly OK, or fairly polluted. (Sometimes you can find out the test results for your local water supply.) Most of us use water with "acceptable" levels of chemicals and drugs (like hormones and statins) that just aren't removed by the filtering process. Welcome to modern life. We have totally polluted this planet. Maybe using a filter would get some of this junk out, but not all.

I went on a special diet for a while, and it did help me feel better. The water I drank was distilled - that is about the purest you can get. Spring water can have anything in it, so I wouldn't waste money on it, unless you live in a place with very polluted water. The same with bottled water - a lot of it just comes from a municipal water supply - the only difference is it's in a "bottle."

Don't think it will cure your fibro, but it could possibly help your overall health to drink distilled water long term. That could be really expensive, but it might cut down SOME of your exposure to the many toxic substances that are all around us. Make sure you are taking a multi mineral supplement.

For me, the things that have helped the most with fibro were strict gluten free diet and nutritional supplements. I also have felt noticeably better when I took antibiotics or antivirals. They are just beginning to do research on possible bacterial or viral causes for fibro.

I have had fibro for a very long time, but I refuse to accept that this is a permanent condition. It does get worse with age, but I have managed to fight it pretty well, and I continue to look for things that work for me.

I think there is a cure out there somewhere if people will put up enough noise for it. Just thought - you might want to google "Dominie Bush" - this will take you to a very informative website with a lot of ideas on things that help with fibro and CFS. Just learn all you can, and keep on trying!


lacey - April 19

oh well, in that case I shall give up on the pure water theory.

what a bugga! I hate all this pain. my doctor and I have traced this back to the grand old age of 15 and now my doctor thinks my son has it. She has given him a referral for ct scans, xrays and other stuff to rule out problems in his foot, back and neck area.

It's bad enough having it myself but I really hoped my kids wouldn't get it. Not a happy day in this house today but still have to wait for a few weeks for his results.


itsme - October 26

Avoiding fluoride has not cured me. But it has greatly reduced my symptoms.the key is - If you want to get results you have to consider all sources of fluoride.
If you only drink distilled water and avoid fluoride toothpaste ,It's a good start ; But you can't expect good results. It's rather like shooting a elephant with a bb gun. Fluoride is in the tap water we bath in . each bath we take will expose us to as much fluoride as in 300 glasses of water. so we need to bath in distilled water. many drugs are fluoridated including some that are prescribed for fibromyalgia .
Tea is extremly high in are dried cereals ,friut juices and canned foods.
In some countries the salt is fluoridated pestisides often contain large amount of fluoride. Even some countries that don't fluoridate are importing huge quanities of goods from countries that do.
In addition to fluoride we should also avoid alluminum. fluoride and alluminum work together. alluminum causes you to absorb much more fluoride than you normally would .and the fluoride in turn helps the alluminum to cross the blood brain barrier;a possible cause of alzheimers. sorces of alluminum include cooking with teflon pans, alluminum pans, self rising fluor. bromated or bleached fluor. baking soda,baking powder and alluminum cans and is also used as a anti caking agent in salt. I use stainless steel or glass cookware. I buy unbleached plain flour and use alluminum free baking powder with it . I also use alluminum free baking soda. You can buy alluminum free anti-perspirant but I prefer to make my own. I buy as much food as I can that is fresh, frozen or in glass containers instead of cans. And I use sea salt without the anti-caking agent. And I distill all my water for cooking ,drinking and bathing. I wear rubber gloves when washing dishes or cleaning house. and as I said before I am not cured but my symptoms have susided enough that I feel like I have my life back.


January - December 28

Hi itsme - that was a great post about fluoride, and I'm glad to hear you've been doing better.

Last year, I researched a bit about the dangers of halogen chemicals - which are Fluorine (F), Chlorine (Cl), Bromine (Br), Iodine (I), and Astatine (At). In particular, we are being bombarded with compounds of Fluorine, Chlorine and Bromine - they all can have serious health effects. As you mentioned, these products are in water, foods, drugs, cleaning supplies, etc. They're everywhere! A nice google project for anyone who's interested.

I recently read that halogen lamps may be linked with skin cancer; and it's interesting to note that the big push towards new energy saving lightbulbs, while noble, means we are exposed to the mercury in those new long-lasting bulbs! I broke one while trying to unscrew it, and cut myself badly… hm, wonder what got into my bloodstream and my lungs. Now if I have to handle those things, I wear heavy duty leather gloves!

A note about fluoridated drugs. I took Prozac - generic name "fluoxetine" - "fluo" for the fluoride that's in it! LOL. It depletes potassium and melatonin from your body - that causes problems over time. I did not have a fibro diagnosis before I started Prozac, but probably had some occasional, very mild symptoms, nothing disabling. After a few years on Prozac though, I was feeling so horrible, I got my "official" diagnosis. I have always wondered if that drug precipitated fibro in me.



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