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Found relief for my fibromyalgia
2 Replies
mdak - February 13

I am new today, I am learning alot of new things. I am so excited that I am pain free most of the time. I am 46, suffering from severe FM. The medicaton of use for my FM is buprenorphine. My pain management dr. who has a licenced in this drug started me on it. It worked within 20 minutes. The one pill last 24-72 hrs pain free. You can work on it, doesn't make you drousy or dopy.I have tried to many other things, that nothing hardly worked. This is supposed to be 20-30 times stronger then morphine. I can tell you that it's. This is not addicting my dr said. If you want to try it, the dr's that are licenced to give it can only have 100 pt's on it. It has very strict rules. I have found out some have waiting list to get on it. This is a miracle drug for chronic pain because your body doesn't crave it like narcotics or cause depression. I hope you FM patients that are in severe pain will try it and you will see that you will get your life back!!!!


lucky13 - February 17

That's great that you found something to ease the pain.
From what I have read though, this is not suppose to be taken with antidepressents or sleeping pills which is what most people are on when they are being treated for Fibro.


mdak - February 18

lucky 13 I know this drug has a lot of don'ts, but my dr watches over me. I do take sleeping meds sometimes. I also take anit depressent with it. I use to take narcotics and they never would work anymore. I hated the withdraws if you did't take them. I have no problem when I forget to take this drug. This drug blocks nerve paths some how. I started using suboxen af first and then I went to using the other half of it because of cost. It works the same for my pain. The thing I love is my pain doesn't come back until about 12-24 hrs. I have severe pain without it. I do suffer from mnany medical problems, like my neck is all fused. I know there is a lot of pain pts wanting to try it, there is a waiting list for the dr's that can write the script in anchorage. I know the info sounds like it can have numerous problems, but so do all the other drugs. I am so glad they release this med. I am comfortable most of the time.



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