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hands and feet hurt so bad I can't take it!
9 Replies
fancithatt - September 20

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years ago but have been suffering and diagnosed with the other symptoms for years. My question is my hands and feet don't just tingle and go numb (they do that also) but they HURT like nothing I have ever had and it won't go away. Its been about 4 months of this and I'm going crazy!! They hurt so bad when I get up I can hardly walk and my hands throb and I can't even write my name sometimes, also my rings will not fit on my fingers. Has anyone else had this problem. I have talked with my dr but I don't think she is understanding how much pain I'm in. Thanks for any info you can give me


lucky13 - September 29

if your rings don't fit, it maybe something other than fibro that is the issue. Fibro shouldn't cause inflammation.
My hand pain is what finally sent me to the Dr in the first place, I just couldn't take it any longer. Now that I am treating the fibro with antidepressants the pain is more tolerable now. Some things i do to help ease the pain (doesn't always work) is compression gloves when I have to use my hands. Keeping my hands and feet warm. I enjoy a good parifin soak as well.
I almost lost my job over my hand pain, any constant repeat movements makes my pain worse.
I hope you can find some type of relief soon.

Good luck


edwinsmoz - November 30

I had something similar like that happen to my wrists. The odd thing about FMS is that it can interfere with our bodies natural defenses. In my case it caused me to not be able to digest dairy products anymore. Then my wrists hurt so bad because of that. I had to wear wrist braces until I finally gave up milk. Then the problem went away. Now I take Cymbalta and my FMS has decreased to the point where I can work out again and work part time. I hope this helps.


Tracieg - April 3

Fancithatt, I have had the same exact things with my hands and feet. My feet would hurt and burn so horribly I was in tears. A few times at work it was so bad that my husband suggested putting my feet in a bucket of cool water, as cold you you can handle but not ice. This would work for a bit but I'd often have to do it again. Anyway, when I had my appt with my rheumatologist I was showing her the swelling in my fingers and hands and telling her about the pain. She diagnosed me with Psoriatic Arthritis. Put me on methotrexate, meloxicam for the inflammation and my gp put me on Nortriptilene(?) at night to help me sleep due to the pain. After 6-8 weeks she uped the dosage of the methotrexate and added gabapentin (1800 mg) a day, the foot burning and pain only rarely occurs and my hands are great most of the time. I have been on Gabapentin before when I had herniated discs in my neck and they knew I tolerated it well so that is why my dosage is higher than they normally would start someone on. I hope this gives you some help. Tracie


January - April 4

Hi Tracie - I'm glad you have something that is working for you - but I hope you are getting regular blood tests and being carefully monitored by a doctor. Methotrexate is a very toxic drug! If anyone is interested, google it and read up on the serious side effects it can cause. Some of these can be mitigated by a dose of folate, but anyone taking this drug should still undergo regular testing.


GmaBarb - September 3

I've had FM forever, I guess, because I've hurt as long as I can remember. I was diagnosed in the early 1980's. The last 8 years or so my feet began hurting exactly the way you described. They'd burn especially badly in the evenings. Some days I also feel like I've had a bee sting or ant bite. It goes away quickly. My doctor said the diagnosis is neuropathy, which just means "any disease of the nerves." (Taber's). Elevating my feet helps a lot; not overdoing housework helps. I've also been put on Lyrica, which I suggested to my doctor, and it makes a lot of difference! It's not the only medication I'm on, but it is one of the two top aids for pain.


Jocelyn - September 9

Gosh, I have to admit after reading these posts that, in my opinion only, there is more here than just Fibro, as Tracieg has found.

I am in the same boat, trying to get another diagnosis, besides Fibro and Sjogren's, I believe I have some sort of either muscle problem, along with connective tissue problem. The reason I say this is, if I walk my dog and later go to take a bath, the minute I bend down to sit in the bath tub, my entire legs feel like they have blown up. Visibly, they look like they did before the walk, but it takes a week or two to get them back to normal. Swimming in the pool, did not produce this effect. I am guessing because the water makes you weightless there is no stress on the muscles or the tissue the swelling doesn't happen.

My problem is, the swelling is only felt and not seen, so I can't convince any doctor that there is something else going on.

I will work on it more as time goes by, evidently, I have the rest of my life to figure it out!


georgene - March 7

Edwinsmom... are there other foods you gave up besides dairy? I also had to give up most nuts.


teyvette - November 8

i have been having pain in my feet and hands and my body for a lot of years i am now 50 years old and it has gotten worse the doctors say they can't find anything and now the pain has moved to my wrist i used to braid my own hair but now it takes me days because my hands and wrist hurt so bad in the morning my back legs hands and feet hurt so bad i have to get up my nerve to get up and when i do try to get up my body feels so heavy that my son has to pull me up and i have to sit on the side of my bed for 20 or 30 minutes before i can stand on my feet because the pain is so bad and then i'm in pain for the whole day this is now every day i don't remember not being in pain its been so long i don't know why the doctors cant find what this is maybe they don't know what to look for or maybe they think i'm being a whinny woman all i know is that i'm scared i cant use my hands i need advice im tired of being in pain


tokeyamani - August 24

Gabapentin helped me with these creepy symptoms. I had swelling, burning, itching, numbness and tingling like static on a black and white tv set in my hands and feet. I always wear fingerless gloves for the containment inbalanced temp my hands have. Gabapentin helps, but I still get swelling, numbness and itching, plus aches in every single joint when I get a flare. The joys of fibro!



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