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Has anyone else's husband lost interest??
4 Replies
ptalana - March 17

While my husband is the most supportive person I have in my life, he has not wanted to be intimate for over a year now. We have talked about this and he says it is because of the medication he is on for his high blood pressure. I know that I no longer am in such great shape (used to weigh 120lbs) blonde hair and blue eyes, which he was so proud of me. I have noticed a real change in my body shape since taking Lyrica. I miss the closeness that we once had, I know sex is not the most important, but I have never been with a man that had absolutely no desire for me. I am afraid that we have lost something very precious in our marriage. I have always felt pretty good about myself, but this is changing daily. If anyone else is experiencing this in thier relationship have you got any ideas or tips I would greatly appreciate any advice. I hope this isn't too sensitive a subject for you all. Patty


axxie - April 1

Hey Patty,

Happened to me a long time ago, it was because my hubby was on prescribe pill for cholesterol & high blood pressure. Anyway, I felt the same way you did & wanted to be close to hubby, but he had no desire. It was not my recent weight gain either. He talked with his doctor, prescriptions were changed, we are know closer.

A warning, mens' libido are directly affected with each medication they take, get him to walk every evening with you, to help him get his tension down, this also helps.

I'm just hoping you can still take a walk, as at the moment I cannot take a walk, after 10 steps, I am not able to walk, I feel faint & out of breath. Not sure what it's about, but I'm due for a doppler test for my heart, I'm hoping nothing is wrong, but the heart is our major concern since it runs in the family.


sandra17007 - April 1

Hello, I'll give my two cents worth.

Same with my husband, doctor had him on prescription, nothing, no closeness.

Hubby is being affected by that prescription and should tell his doctor, but probably feels that his medication is doing it's jobs. What he needs to know, there are many high blood pressure medication that he can take, a switch to another kind and usually things come back normal.

It's not unusual to have this side affect for both sexes.

Good luck


ptalana - April 2

Thanks so much guys for your input, I was beginning to think this was only happening to me. Unfortunately I'm not mobile at this time so taking walks isn't an option, at least not at this time. Hopefully sometime in the future!!! I fell down a flight of stairs at work three years ago which has left me with amoung other things FMS!! I have had to file suit against my employer and insurance carrier as they have both refused to cover my costs, I have lost my driver's licence, and am no longer able to work. Tommorow I have to meet with thier attorneys and give my deposition!!! I am extremely nervous, my employer for the past six months has put me on leave without pay, I now receive a negative pay, I still have to pay for my benefits!!! They have tried to intimidate me into giving up. My accident was a result of wet stairs that I slipped on, landing on my head. I have been thru hell and back these past years and have been treated horribly by my co-workers. I am now using a walker at home, and a wheelchair when we go anywhere. I developed a double lumbar scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, forward posturing neck, my jaw continually dislocates, and fms. I was also diagnosed a year ago with beginning stages of cervical cancer, lovely!!! My pain is so intense but I don't know whether it's my spinal injuries or my fms??? I see a physiatrist on Apr 30th hopefully she'll be able to give me some answers.Thanks for listening to me ramble on, on,on!!! I wish you well Axxie, and hope that all turns out with your tests. Good luck, Patty


axxie - April 2

Hey ptlana, don't go anywhere we are here to be your friends and listen to you.

I'm truly sorry for everything that has happened to you, I can only imagine what you are going through. I have been there and back, and it's shameful that we are treated like we are, just number to these insurance company, when you are not at work, you are easily replaced and work needs to carry on.

You are now what they called as insurance jargon a liability.

Paint a smile on and everyone will think that you are great, paint a frown and everyone will run away. When I had cancer and going trough toughest period of my life, I would always smile to others, cause I didn't want anyone knowing I was in a very low place. People would comment you look strong, you'll be ok, that would make me go bananas inside. I was not ok, I was fighting for my life and everyday I struggle. But guess what, after meeting a brother and we started talking I became happier, because I had someone to talk to me and listen to me. I still have warm thoughts to this brother of a paster I happen to meet of chance. I'm not relegious, but he gave his time to give me a chance to talk, sometimes there where two hour phone calls where I cried, and other times I'd have laughing fits. One day to cheer me up, he sent me a valentine card it was signed your great admirer. So when I had my weekly session with him, I told him someone had sent me a card, and we joke who could this person was. At the end, I found out it was him who had sent it, just so that I could feel love from someone else. The thing is, I was being loved by my family and friends, but I was not letting them in, thinking I had to keep everything inside and have this strong attitude. By doing that I was not being nice to myself and was not letting others in.

Can you just open a little bit, so that we on this board can give you some much support and love.


Insurance are only looking at how much money they will need to dish out at the end, and so you are just a number. The thing is, we are people and we have feelings, the more we worry the more our fms responds.

I will think of you when I meditate and send you great thoughts. Don't give up and you keep us informed, it will give you an avenue to vent your fustration.



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