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having a d and c on thurs
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jrzgirl1 - February 12

I have had normal pap, ultrasounds and endometrial biopsy's, now this, I have tried to find out why my dr is so determined to do this, I spoke with his nurse on Fri am, I think she slipped when i asked her if this could wait another 6 month(money is tight)she said he is looking for uterine cancer, he seems to think that I have an 80/20 % chance.Please pray for me. I have not told anyone in my family and if it is, I will NOT have treatment


Fantod - February 13

jrzgirl1 - I will keep in my prayers.


January - February 13

Me too. Wishing you the very best of luck with it. I'm thinking since the other tests were normal you will be fine. Stay positive!


Fantod - February 20

jrzgirl1 - Just wondering how you are. When you feel up to it, please let us know.


jrzgirl1 - February 22

well had the d and c, now i feel worse, nothing was wrong thank God but now I am still spotting, itching, in pain and burning inside and out..meds for a yeast infection. To top it off, fibro is real bad and so is IBS
will see the Dr on the 1st. still have to go for 2 tests, breath bacteria overgrowth and lactose, not eve n sure if I want to. i heard if they come back positive, they give you anti biotic which makes the bacteria worse and then you have to go back again for another test, we are broke$$$$


January - February 23

Very glad to hear you didn't having anything serious!

Have you considered finding another doctor?? Sometimes, as long as you are paying, they will keep you coming back. Sometimes all the tests aren't really for you but to cover their behinds in case you sue them. You said if it was cancer you would NOT treat it - so why bother with the diagnostic test? Think over what you really want to do with your body and get clear with it. Those are some hard decisions to make.

If you are taking antibiotics after the d&c, eat lots of sugar free yogurt and take some probiotics! It might help with the IBS. You might want to check into going gluten free. Sometimes gluten or some other allergy is the cause of IBS and MANY other symptoms. But doctors don't pay much attention to food allergies… Good luck with everything.


jrzgirl1 - February 23

the d and c is a totallly different DR, he gave me a vaginal cream (not antibiotic)for the yeast infection, the pain,bleeding,cramps and burning are from that.

GI Dr wants to do the other 2 tests, that would require antibiotics and if a positive result comes back from the breath tests, it requires more tests to follow up


January - February 24

Sounds like you have been through a lot, and I really hope you feel better soon.



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