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Head pain ZAPS
2 Replies
belle1329 - January 29

HI its been a long time since I was here, I was doing quite well, till my husband had a stroke and I stopped exercising :( Id like to know if any experences head pain, a sharp jab in the head when you either laugh sneeze, yell or strain when going to the bathroom. I had an MRI and was told its ok except for some funky blood vessels that they say probably have been there since birth?? Anyway the quackey Nerologist I went to kept calling them Headaches and got mad at me when I corrected him saying not a headache its a pain in my head , he pinched me and told me this is pain and if you havie pain in the head its called a headache! Well I disagree, it was a short sharp pain but almost causing me to blackout. He me to answer him YES or NO on his questions! So I told him Im all set and left! Some times they leave me with a short dull headache but more often its just the ZAP pain and then Im ok, just scares me Just want to know if this is another quirk of Fibro ? Thanks


conniehurts - April 22

I think I understand what you are saying and yes I get them. For me they appear out of the blue, lasting for anywhere from a few seconds to several hours. It sounds like your neurologist is the same kind of idiot that the ones in Fairbanks Alaska are! They think they have all the answers when they wont even listen to the questions!! Did you know that, according to these idiots, a person cant get headaches from head, neck or back injuries? I wonder what yard sale they got their license to practice at!!


h2olgd - April 29

I had a concussion 13 years ago and developed this type of headache, I could get up to 200-300 of these a day. Is it just a sharp jab, that can take place anywhere all over your head, your upper neck area or even your face? If that is the case, they are what is know as Ice Pick headaches. Believe it or not, they are actually a type of head ache. My neurologist, who sounds like she is slightly better than yours. :-) And is from Anchorage, Alaska. LOL. Anyways, she put me on a headache blocker medicine, because on top of the development of the ice pick headaches, I developed a daily headach, as well as, my migraines increased to about 2-3 a week, instead of 2-3 a year. I was also given a muscle relaxer. I remember she had me on a couple other things. But since the ice pick headaches are nearly gone now, I get maybe one a month. Which I will totally live with as opposed to 200-300 a day. I've been taken off all the other medications. but the headache blocker and muscle relaxer. Which also helps all of my chronic pain disorders so I'm fine with that one. And I have hereditary migraines so I'm fine with the blocker as well. Because they would have increased in frequency with age.

I hope this helped.



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