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Heel Pain
6 Replies
SansofPa - February 10

I'm new to this group. I can't find a local group and really
need to communicate with others who have FMS. Yesterday
evening my right heel started to hurt while I was walking;
in my house. As soon as I stood up this morning, the
heel pain was much worse and it's very difficult to put my
foot down to walk.
It hurts on the bottom and on both sides, but only when I
walk on it or push on it with my fingers.
Does anyone else have this issue?
Thank you,


SassieLassie - April 15

I just joined and saw this post, I have the exact same problem, it started so fast, one minute it did not hurt, the next, there it was, it will not go away, it does seem better however, when I wear shoes with good heel support.


Jocelyn - April 30

Many people with fibro have foot/heal arch and every other kind of pain on the bottom and top of the foot. My Dr. told me to always wear sneakers in the house and it really does help. I like New Balance better than any other very expensive sneakers I have bought, but everyone is different. You need to cushion your heal and foot. Sometimes if I tie them too tight, the top of my foot will hurt so be careful of that.


SassieLassie - April 30

That is comforting to know, it scared me as it came on so fast, I was sitting in the car, I got out to do something, and there was the pain, it has been with me ever since.


MarymPed - May 7

Is that plantar fasciitis? I don't have it, but my husband does. He is seeing an accupuncture therapist who claims that she can fix it in a few visits. After just one visit, my husband says his right foot does feel better, and he's a chef and on his feet 12-14 hours a day.


SassieLassie - May 7

I think it is, I looked up my symptoms on Google, and it describes my pain exactly, it sure hurts at times. I use to see and accupuncturist in the states, she really helped with problems, however, I did not have that pain then, this has just started.


jordanmakenzie - August 26

Yes, us with fibro get plantar fascitis. The main thing to do is stretch. Use a step, put your foot on the step but let it hang over mid way. let your heal fall down as far as you can. Balance yourself with you other foot. anyway, push up with the heal that is hanging down, while you hold you breathe for 3 seconds. After that, let you heal fall again down. you will see your heal will fall farther and farther each time you do this. This is called resistance stretching. It hurts like a mother but feels so good later. The thing is your heal is tight. It needs streched out. Read up on plantar fascitis.



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