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Hello I'm new to this forum
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inot - January 22

I wanted a disease. Give me a damn disease. Lived in denial for far too long, always knew something was really "wrong". After much testing, and multiple drs. I found out I am reletivley healthy! oh except for this thing called fibromyalgia. 3 out of 4 of my docs don't "believe" in it, including my PAIN SPECIALIST! HA my life is a tragic comedy I think. I could almost take the pain, but this never ever feeling well thing is really getting me down. quit drinking 10 months ago, and tho I won't, I think I was better off with it! great pain killer, and the hangovers where for a reason unlike now. Oh well had to vent, thanks. Off to meditate, try the Yoga, eat my herbs and healthy food, right after my nice low impact walk. As of now I still work 40 hrs a week, tho it is hard. I'm trying to manage this thing. I guess I am glad I'm not "NUTS" after all! whew.


January - January 24

Hello inot, welcome to the site. Are you having a lot of trouble with pain? So many doctors really don't understand fibro very well. It's kind of silly to have fibro and be with doctors who don't "believe" in it. What are they telling you is your problem? If you are having pain, you should be with a doctor who takes you seriously, works with you, and treats your pain. If you don't treat pain, it can lead you into a long downward spiral of chronic pain - no sleep, tense muscles, depression, etc. etc. So maybe find a better doctor. Ask around, if you can find other fibromyalgia people. Or try a rheumatologist.

The general discussion group has lots of good information. You can put a topic in the blue search box at the right and look for discussions about it. Or just come on any time and ask questions.

If you have fibromyalgia, be really careful about taking the usual prescription drugs they hand out for it (some of us do OK on them, but for some of us they are worse than the disease, and even if they work, they come with side effects). If you do take them, you must be carefully tapered up, and take the lowest dose you need. Most doctors just throw a big dose at you. BEFORE you take anything, google it and read the forums to see what people are saying about the side effects and other problems. Educate yourself and decide if you want to accept the risks involved with the drug. For example, there are people on here who say they're helped by Cymbalta. For me (and many others), it was a nightmare - bad side effects. Doctor's answer? Increase the dose! Once you're on these drugs, it is VERY hard to get off - withdrawal can take a year or two. The doctors don't seem to be aware of these issues.

I think, first, try healthy living (as it sounds like you are doing). Get checked for allergies, and for gluten sensitivity/celiac - it can cause severe pain in some. Make sure your vitamin and mineral levels are good; if you've been drinking, you might need supplementation. Especially Vitamin B complex. Get your Vitamin D3 (cholecaciferol) level tested. Supplementation with Vit D3 (not D2) can help pain. Some people are helped by taking extra minerals. But you need to find out what's going on with YOUR body, so you need a doctor who will test you properly. Get Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum's book "From Fatigued to Fantastic." It is full of excellent help. He has fibromyalgia himself, so he "gets it." There are doctors online who will work with fibromyalgia people long distance.

Make sure you are getting good sleep. That is a big issue with most of us - even if we think we are sleeping at night, we don't get deep restful sleep - that's why we hurt. You might need a sleep study to check your brain waves. And you might need sleeping meds to help you. Ambien seems to work well for a lot of people. I use a combination of Melatonin and a small dose of Ambien.


inot - January 31

Thank you January for the info, I bought the book from fatigue to fantastic, and I am amazed at the info in the few pages I've read so far. I've suffered chronic pain for a long time with a bad back, kinda used to it, but looking forward to feeling better soon. will check back here time to time for more good support. Thanks again



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