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wolffin - August 26

I am 37 I live in central, washington(state) I have a wonderful understanding wife (why she puts up with me ill never know ;p) 8 wonderful kids 6 girls 2 boys 6 of them are at home. Only recently (couple of months ago) got a diagnosis after years of going to doctors when i finaly was able go see rheumatologist. I have been unable to work the last three years. I stay at home take care of the kids (often times they take care of me)

My symptoms are Sometimes feel like i am having a heart attack

Mind Fog

Chronic Depression

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Pain

Ringing in my ears

Jaw pain

Head aches


Pressure point pain neck arms shoulders hips legs some times i can barely walk

Pain that comes and gos in my arms hands feet that feel like my bones are being crushed

pain in my right side with no apparent cause

Numbness in my hands and fingers some times legs and toes.

I can not handle small objects anymore holding a knife or pencil etc makes my hand go dead or feel like i am holding 200lbs iron weight. some times i just cant hold things at all my hands just let go all on there own accord

Outside heat and light get to me Loud noises and smells get to me

Night sweats

Sensitivity to narcotic, medications doesn't do much for pain makes me feel ill sick to my stomach and puts me in an awful mood

I have problems with my eyes sometimes

dry eyes n throat sometimes i choke on my own spit other times i cant get the dry sticky out of my throat

Sometimes i have problems breathing

I have problems with skin rashes

Life long problem with unexplained fevers

I am also diabetic have damaged and degenerated disk my back and neck. I have a life long unexplained problem with high triglycerides and lipids, hypertension

I was on Antidepressants and tramadal but was off them for about 3 months after having been hospitalized for serotonin syndrome, just recently started taking welbutrin

I take lyrica and dyphloenac in addition to meds for high cholesterol high blood pressure and diabetes

I am not able to narcotics they do little for the pain and worsen the mind fog and make my temperament bad.

It came on gradual think I have had it all my life but it realy started kicking in about 10 years I would go to the doctors but it was you got allergeies etc. I have had a few back injurys and was told they werent severe enough to explain the pain and problems I was expirancing.

I got 3 bad disk my lower back and disk degeneration my neck and upper back and a bad disk in middle of back.

It got to where when I would get off of work at the end of the day I would almost have to crawel from the car to the house. Was having bad time with my hands hurting not being able to hold on to things sometimes.

I would get so exhausted I would have to miss a day or leave early was loosing time at work where it went I couldnt tell ya. I was takingover the counter meds all the time to trry and make it through the day.

Then I ended up in hospital with pancrantitus found out im a daibetic. I was just in so much pain I couldnt go back to work. Started having test after test nothing was showing up, and told over over my depression was causing it etc

They say that genetics, physical traumas, and abuse when can all be factors I have long list of all three

My mom had fibro bad back when she was diagnosed with it there wasnt much info about it they were just starting to recognize it and hwat she had told me of it I just never made the connection to what was going on with me. She passed away 5 years ago this coming october so I wasnt able to get her input on what was going on. Come to find out my brother has been diagnosed with it I have an Uncle with it he has lupus also. Mental disorders, Auto immune and fibro I now know runs in my family.

I tried getting my social security and was turned down I quit going to my doc appointments i was seeing a therapist that wasnt realy helpful. I got in a dark place. Dealing with family and friends and them looking at me like i was lazzy etc. I had just about give up I felt like onlyway I could do something was to die so my kids could draw my benefits. I was on the verge of ending it only thing holding me from slipping over the precipice was my wife and kids. I left the house one day with the intent and some how ended up a the office of my therapist I went in asked for help. They sent me to hosipatle some people came in to talk to me they wanted me go to a chrisis house. In our little talk one of them had said something about statistics and that if committed suicide as many kids I got statistics showed at least 2 of them would end up doing the same.

That woke me up and was the changing point, I refiled for my social security sat down started writing down all my symptoms and everything i could think of back to when i was a kid. Started going back to the doc showed them my list and started doing tests all over again. And asked for a refural to rheumatologist i had read somewhere that when no one else can diagnose you they can and got the appointment but because we only have the one in our area when I got the appointment it was man months in the future.

Then I had my third pancreantitus attack again 3rd in 4 years in the hospital again I came out they changed my meds up went back in with serotonin syndrome wich is a story unto its self. Came off my antidepresents and tramadol cold turkey. Fun that was. Which oddly enough i was the on told them i was having serotonin syndrome and is probly why i got the other tests i needed to rule out everything else that ended up in finaly getting a diagnosis for fibro. When I came out the hospital I had not one new doc but a handful.

the whole time i was in the hospital I kept asking test my blood for this or that and they were kind enough to oblige. After the serotonin syndrome I was given a pshychyatrist to manage my meds wich still im not on any antidrpessants at the moment. I got a new therapist. I had been turned down again by social security and time was running out to refile my appeal i was lucky i had started it online and even tho i couldn't finish due to the mind fog it bought me some time.

I was relay upset again I called the crisis line not because I was thinking of suicide but because I had no idea who to ask for help. They tald me about a persion at the department of social services who helps with things like that and i went to see them and they took over filing my social security for me. I sucked down my pride and went to the DSHS for monetary (allready on medicaid due to diabeties and was gettting foodstamps)help. Which if your spererated from your family or single they have nifty programs setup but if you are with your family you dont. They found a family program we fit under wich has a big work first thing. Im just not physicaly or emotionaly able to do it.

Well here in the few months a go I finaly got see the rheumy and he diagnosed me with fibro (yay i can finaly give people a name.) You know how it is anytime you get introduced to someone the first thing they ask is what kind of work you do. you say I dont im disbaled and they go oh you look halfway ok whats wrong with you, I have thease problems that htey dont know whats causing them then you get the look and want to go grab the gun etc.

Anyways i also had a brain scan for the bad memory problems im having didnt show anything but i did get some positive on the nerve conduction tests. for my arms and my right hand and of course the spill from the old nerualogist about its all depression (in your head) I got exempted on the work first thing and now have a lawyer handling my social security im hopeful that sooner or later ill get it.

Ive also been diagnosed with recurring severe depression and PTSD

Because of the mindfog and problem remember things i write everything down all the time along with notes to self and help form wife and kids to not forget to do things etc. Sometimes my mind works halfway like it used to sometimes im just lost.

Anyways sorry for the short novel its the condensed version. I went from working 12 16 hour days soemtimes 7 days a week to Mr.Mom (sometimes they take more care of me i think than i them) and thats OK I love my kids they mean everything to me. I thank God he blessed me with them.




fibrosince92 - September 6

I hope you get disability, as it sounds like you more than qualify...Keep up your spirits and remember that God only gives you as much as you can handle and that he has a plan for all of us and even if we dont understand it now, we will someday. Good luck!!



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