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txsunsets - September 17

I have recently been diagnosed with FMS. I feel I have had it for years but no one believed me. I have had MRI after MRI done and then was blown off when nothing was found. I am having a hard time with my FMS right now which in turns makes me think and ultimately get depressed about this illness. I work a full time job (i am very thankful for because they have worked with me missing tons of work because I hurt too much to get out of bed) and i attend college online (I carried a 4.0 until i started having alot of difficulties with FMS) I have two more years before i have my BA in criminal justice. I want to be a parole officer. My question is am i wasting my time now?? It is difficult for me to keep up my energy level to even be able to do both work and school. Now i'm afraid that i will get my BA but not be able to work due to my FMS. I am having trouble finding a doctor that will take me serious that is in the same town I am in so I am going out of town to get treatment. My doctor seems to want to learn about FMS but really doesn't know what to do with me. I really don't have anyone to talk to you as there isn't any support groups in my town. My family feel for me but if i say something about what i am going thru they change the subject. I don't think it's because they don't care i think they don't know what to say to me. I have been single for 10 years now and i am talking to a very nice guy that wants to meet me (friend gave him my number) and i really want to meet him but then i think is it really fair to make him deal with my FMS?? Someone please give me some guidance. I don't have any where else to turn.


VictoriaB - September 18

Hi and you sound like me. I had to drop out of a Family Nurse Practitioner program last fall because I was rear-ended and then wound up with Fibro but think that I had it for a long time. I am not giving up on my degree, I am just trying now to find a plan that will keep me ablt to go at all. Fibro-fix,com has some very interesting things, I plan to order the strips and see if there is a correlation with body ph and pain for me. You may need to go to part time and get a massage every week, start walking everyday that you can and look for a fibro friendly doc in your area. You can talk to me anytime. My family doesn't want to talk to me about pain either, I have always been the strong one and taken care of everything and everyone else!! Fibro Hugs!


txsunsets - September 19

VictoriaB, thanks for your suggestions. This illness is very overwhelming for me. You can talk to me anytime too. Fibro Hugs :)


VictoriaB - September 20

Thif Fibro stuff is overwhelming to me as well. everyone tells us mot to get self-absorbed which I don't think I am but it is hard to focus when you feel so bad and hurt like you've just been ran over by a semi-trailor. I find myself looking for a job and then I think well what are you doing? I hope for better days!!


trans - September 25

Hi, I do not think your education etc. is a lost cause. I think the difference between people who end up on disability with fibro and others is that you have keep fightin it. It is huge challenge and it is like an invisible monster, because we look fine but feel like we 100 years old. I am 57 and have had fibro over 36 years, I remember I had some symptoms when I was dating my husband. He is awesome and tries very hard to understand this syndrome. I will not give into it, I am challenged everyday by it and I do the best I can do. You do need to find a doc you can get you some meds. My doc kinda specializes with fibro and I take 3 meds or then pain. With this and the love and support of my husband I get through it. None of my family understands at all. So it is key to get people who will support you and understand and are in the same shoes as you. As far the the young man, I think I would go for it and try to explain to him that you are challenged by this and are doing everything you can to fight it. This web site is awesome and I have looked at many over the years. Guys have the instinct to fix things and he might very well be someone you could end up being married to for 36 years like me. Good luck, and keep fighting, the other choice is not good at all. I will keep you in my prayers.



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