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Help!! i have chest pain!! Is it my fibro?
7 Replies
jennyb213 - September 23

hello Im a 29 year old female and I suffer from pcos and fibromyalgia and i wanted to know since fibro effects your muscles, does it effect your heart?


Fantod - September 23

No - not directly. But, like any other chronic condition the stress of dealing with it has a cumulative effect.

I would suspect that your chest pain is probably caused by Costochondritis. This is a very common condition associated with Fibromyalgia (FMS). My recommendation would be that you get checked out for a possible cardiac problem just to be safe. Take care.


Rachel209 - November 12

No but it affects your chest and reflux which feels like your heart (always get chest pain checked). Ive been in A&E a few times with chest pain and quite severe, everytime they have given me an ECG my heart shows normal. But i suffer a lot with chest pains with FM.


Canada17 - November 12

It might not be your heart that is causing the chest pain. I suffer from chest pain as well. Sometimes it's a constant thing, sometimes is a sharp stabbing-like pain.

It was explained to me that the "trigger" points in the chest can cause referral pain into the rest of your chest so that's one possibility.

Also, make sure you are breathing correctly, a lot of us don't (FM and non-FM people alike). Breathe with your belly; your shoulders should not move up and down when you breathe in and out. Your belly should move in and out. It's a trick I learned from the book, "Fibromyalgia For Dummies".

When we learned to have good posture and "suck in our gut" that takes away from our ability to breathe properly. Take a look at the way a young child/baby breathes, always with the belly. Breathing with your "shoulders", as I call it, causes stress and strain to the muscles/tendons/ribs and that can causes a lot of pain, especially in people with FM. Breathing with your shoulders is something that is done when hyperventilating, which isn't natural breathing.

Also, watch your greasy food intake. I know if I eat too much fast food, I get pain in my chest, similar to heart burn but not the same. It's my gull bladder, although there is nothing clinically wrong with it, it doesn't like to process a lot of greasy food.

Hope this helps...


littlemom - November 19

I was recently diagnosed and I also have chest pain i'm 27


swttee4u - November 24

hi jennyb
i'm new here but i do have an answer for u. i'm 36 and i've had fibro for about 16yrs. everyday there is a new problem associated with it. just like u i started to have chest pain. i was put in the hospital this january cause my doctor thought i was having a heart attack turnes out it the fibro!! it hurts like crazy and when u breathe it hurts worse. well i'm having another flare up now and it's nothing the doctors can do about it. it can last for weeks at a time. i've been taking muscle relaxers for 12yrs and i guess i'm prone to them now but i've been taking hydrocondone and it helps to sleep at night. i also take potassium pills cause i had low potassium levels and it can make the spasms and cramps go away. i hope i answered this for you. just know i'm in the same position ur in and i feel you.


teacherceo - February 8

I am a 30 year old female, and I was diagnosed with Fibro in 2003. I have a pain most of the time that feels like chest pain. At first it would just come and go...hurts deep in my chest. I was really worried it was heart related and went to the dr. They ran every sort of test possible, and it all came up empty. Shortly after all of this began I started to notice that it also hurt to breathe. Again, a deep chest kind of pain, and I would actually catch myself holding my breath because it hurt to breathe in and out. I eventually realized that it wasn't my heart or my was my chest cavity. It just hurts when my chest expands as I breathe. The changes in my chest cavity position actually hurt me! The pain breathing is accompanied by a deep stabbing feeling in the center of my chest. It's definitely not fun and gets old fast, but it is there almost all of the time. I hope that your pain improves soon...and mine too!


belle1329 - February 9

Jennyb I think there is some more info for you under the general discussion room under pain in ribcage just figured Id let ya know.



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