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Help with CPAP Mask
5 Replies
Kitty35 - September 6

Just put on CPAP and having hard time with finding a mask that will work. Can anyone help with suggestions? RTT first tried me on the Quattro FX full face because I am a mouth breather but the head gear caused unreal pain. Can not take the lower straps on head. Now on the Swift FX nasal pillows which is great for the head gear, but because it is a nasal I have to use a chin strap to keep mouth closed and now after a week and half, I am starting to feel like I am not getting enough air to breath through my nose so I end up taking it off.

Do not know what to do. RTT is not sure what to do as she has not run into this problem before. Can anyone make some suggestions in what type of mask to try?


Jocelyn - September 9


You are on a Fibro site. I don't think you are on the right link thread to find out what you need.

Good luck.


Kitty35 - September 9

I have figro, sorry i forgot to say that. That is why the headgear hurts. But seeing as how Fibro and sleep apnea go hand and hand and i am on a Fibro support group page asking for help, I should not have to state that I have Fibro! So since this is the deal and no one seems to want to help me other than make me out to me stupid or something, NEVER MIND!!!


Jocelyn - September 14

Oh, now I see. Sorry it took so long to get back. I was not having a good week. I too have Fibro, but do not have sleep apnea. However, I do have problems sleeping.

Yes, anything I have to wear on my head causes me head pain. I can't imagine sleeping with any type of gear on my head. The pain would be so bad.

No one was trying to make you feel stupid, sometimes when one reads a post and doesn't know what is going on, one cann't answer correctly.

I really do not have an answer to your situation, because I pray I never have to wear anything on or around my head, it is too sensitve of an area.

Take care, and please do not take offence, I really didn't know what you were asking.


jordanmakenzie - August 26

I have fibro and wear a Cpap. They both suck!!! Find you a different mask. Go on line and look at all the masks they have. I finally found one that works for me. I'm just a nose breather so my mask wouldn't help you. Oh Jocelyn, you probably have Sleep Apnea too. Most of us fibros do. It sure makes a difference in sleeping and pain when you finally can sleep with your mask. Took me a while to get use to it. Don't give up. It's worth it.


Kitty35 - August 28

Jordan Thank you for responding back. After trying every "type" for facial make up, hard to explain that, and still not finding anything the doctor decided it was time to move on to either a mouth piece of surgery. If I can ever find a dentist that takes my insurance and makes the piece we will go with the mouth piece. The one local dentist has been called several times by me and the doctor with no results, so another one that is not to far out of the way is being found.

I am glad to hear that you were able to find one that was suitable for you and are able to sleep. Get some extra and send it my way will you, seeing as it is 2 am when I am writing this because I can not sleep yet again. Oh well, hopefully will cycle out in a few days.

Once again thanks and pleasant dreams.



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