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High Humidity. Any advice?
3 Replies
shelllc79 - February 23

AAAHHHH the humidity is at 100% My whole body is very very painful. I have a headache from…well… you know where. Fuzzy eyes. The left wrist hurts right under the thumb and goes up almost to my elbow. I broke that wrist 3 years ago falling in rollerblades. I stepped in a pothole. Anyways. The right one just aches all around. I fell on that one too. There is a spot right between my shoulder blades that feels like the muscle is a knot. The pain goes down each side of my spine into both hips. The right one seems like it going to give out when I walk. My tail bone is very painful where I fell (yet again) about 5 months ago. Im onlt 31. I think I my have broke it but I have no health ins and no money to go to the Dr or ER. Also shooting pains in my right thigh and knee. I’m clenching my teeth at night. I can’t stop moving my legs. I’m so tired.

I just got over the flu too. My whole family had it, ugh. They are all better, but I’m still having body aches. (Especially today.) When I was sick it was like my fibro was amplified by 80%.
Does it take longer for someone with fibro to get over the flu? Is that partly why I’m hurting so bad today? I’m really sorry for complaining, I just needed to get it out. My son tells me “stop complaining”. I don’t mean to. So I try to cut it out around my family.

I have no pain meds except for over the counter Tylenol, and of course that don’t even touch the pain.
Does anyone know anything I could do that will help with the aches? The heating pad just isn’t doing it. I’m at the point where I just want to pull my hair out. I have to clean my bathroom, and wash cloths today. That’s not much but I’m dreading it. I need some kind of relief. Any advice is helpful.

Thank you and god bless.


lucky13 - February 23

Sorry your having so much pain right now. All I use is heat and tylenol arthritis to manage my pain, I also wear compression gloves for the pain in my hands.
I would say that your body getting run down with the flu could very well make your fibro flares worse.
do you have a local heath department that you could go to, to see a Dr, or do any of the Drs in your area offer discounted or free visits to those with no insurance, this might be something worth looking into. Or any free clinics there?
Good luck.


mdak - February 23

Oh how I feel for you. I dont know what city you are from. We have a neighboorhood clinic that go by sliding scale. Maybe you can do some homework and find one in your city. I think when you do go thru a flu or illness our FM flares up. At least mine does. I know it never seems like the day is going to end, but just do what your doing. Venting helps (form of support) to me. If I try to get my mind off my severe pain, helps too. praying for you!


shelllc79 - February 24

Thank ya'll so much for the prayers. I live in conroe tx. Thats just about 45 min north of houston I've been looking into clinics and county help. There is one more place I need to try. but everyone keeps telling me my husband makes too much money. I'm scared to even go there. They will prob tell me the same thing. We barley pay the bills and have enough for food. How can he make to much money? This realy sucks.



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