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Hot flashes non menopause related?
6 Replies
belong2 - November 12

Has anyone else experienced violent temperature changes not related to menopause or external environment (ie shower etc)?
I could be sitting in class, walking, sleeping, and all of a sudden I am sweating and just unbelievably hot, I don't know what it is.
I have been trying to teach myself biofeedback to help control it.
Anyone else?



Fantod - November 12

Yes - I was having quite a problem with that for awhile. FMS basically breaks the body theromstat. I have a very hard time controling my temp. It can be 95 and I'm freezing. Any degree of stress can bring on a violent temperature change - usually sweating. I'm completely heat intolerant and now waiting to see what this winter is going to bring. Take care.


serenityartist - November 16

YES! I have been suffering with severe flushing or HOT FLASHES for a long time. I am beyond menopause and this has been a major problem and concern for me. I found out that I had low vitamin D and my doctor gave me a prescrition to bring it up to normal but now I no longer need the prescription. I had a parathyroid tumor removed and that helped but I still get the hot flashes off and on so I am wondering if it is from FMS! These often come on for no reason but I have also noticed that they can come on when I get stressed. Either way, they are miserable. I sweat so bad that my hair gets saturated as though I have been in the shower. It sometimes happens in my sleep! Anyone else have this problem?


NelleN - November 21

Besides, what the others wrote and could be the cause too, mine was due to a new med the doc put me on. I thought I was going through menopause but, had that checked and found I wasn't. Went off the sweating. Could you be doing or taking any thing different? It is an icky feeling to go throughI know. Hope you can narrow it down!


llcsmom - December 2

Yes--my 12 year old has this happening to her more frequently. Hot and sweaty all of a sudden. Also, has cold feet and hands alot of the time.
It must be the nervous system out of whack... due to the fibro.


Sonja44 - December 7

LOL. Oh yes! Although, now that i'm 45 I'll be experiencing both.

With fibro...I just play it off as weird auto-immune stuff.


irox777 - June 12

I have been finally told by a doctor that yes, your nervous system does control body temperature !!! I thought I was nuts, had my hormones/thyroid checked and all normal... I think I will give Lyrica another try, just don't like the side affect I get ( weird and audible dreams ) But I just cant stand the nausea and extreme hot flashes...... Prayers for all of us with this horrible affliction



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