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Karkel - July 17

My Rhem.says I have Fibromyalgia but I wonder. I had knee Xrays and was told I have arithris in both knees, I also went to OBGYN and was told I have fibroids,I had neck surgery severals years back and I work on a computer all day and my neck gets stiff, but most of my pain is in my right leg,isn't fibro suppose to be in serval places ? I really just have neck and leg leg pain is horrible it runs from my groin all the way to knee....I just don't know if it's the fibroids or the arithis. Anyone with Fibro have horrible leg pain in one leg ? HELP


January - July 17

I'd get a second opinion. Maybe a third. Fibro is such a mixed bag of so many different symptoms. Usually, there is exhaustion and poor sleep, along with widespread pain all over your body that doesn't go away. At least that's what it used to be. I think now anything that hurts can be labeled fibro - so you get a prescription for antidepressants (which I wouldn't recommend if you don't really need them). I'd try everything else before trying the standard fibro meds.

If your main pain is in one leg, you could have a disk problem or some other issue with the lumbar spine. I have pain in one leg, but it's due to spinal problems - they didn't clearly show up until I got a sitting MRI. And it makes sense that you'd have neck pain if you had surgery on your neck and now sit hunched over a computer. You might be able to help that with classes like Feldenkrais, massage and some strengthening exercises. Acupuncture helps too.

Feel better! Maybe it's not fibromyalgia after all!


junerd - July 20

Sounds like a second and maybe a third opinion is in order. I agree with January completely. Avoid jumping on the antidepressant train. It brings a whole new realm of problems. If it really is Fibro you will find over extending any muscles will bring on pain and it can be as simple as the way you sit in your chair for long periods of time. My advice after many years and several doctors is research, research, research then stick with a doctor that is willing to try new theories. After the pain killer antidepressant first experience with Fibro that I weaned myself off of so I could live. I found a two sentence paragraph in a book that said 5 HTP was helpful. I used it with great relief for many years until I started have high blood pressure and my doctor advised me to stay off of it. Now I have discovered dextromethorphan on this very website and so far, it is giving me great relief. We are all different and we need to have doctors that will respect and cooperate with our bodies needs and we have to be willing to spend hours searching for our own answer. I'm afraid to many doctors feel we our drug seekers. That is so far from the truth.


January - July 20

Junerd - Amen. Too many doctors won't give pain meds when they are needed; and too many doctors push antidepressants when they aren't needed. We are all so different!

Glad you found something that works for YOU. I believe dextromethorphan is the guai regimen…? Controversial, but apparently works well for some people. Good for you.

I had my own nightmare with antidepressants, and will never go there again!



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