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How much worse will it get?
4 Replies
Jana-Simoné - November 28

I'm 20 year sold and I was diagnosed with FM about a year ago. During this year it has gone from bad to worse. I get such severe pain in my hands and arm, that my fingers go numb. Sometimes, when really stressed out I can hardly hold a pen and write, which is really bad during exam times (I'm a student). My dad also has fibromyalgia (so I wa sgenetically predisposed to it). He has it really badly. He can't really drive or work anymore, the pain is so bad. If I am finding it so hard to cope with everyday things such as writing (and somedays, especially rainy days, with walking) how sick am I going to be in 10 years. Will I be able to live the active life that I want?


AmberRose - November 28

one of the first things you need to do is realize what you can't and can do ..then work aroudn me i knwo how hard it is to give everyday thigns up but you need to ..i take it you are in college or uni? mayeb if you tlel your teahcers how hard it is to write they can help you out! or maybe you cna fidn another student who dosnt mind sharing notes with you and you can phot copy them andmaybe in return you can offer something else like a ride to school if you can drive....i get really abd when i go walkign for over an hour i can't take my kids to the zoo or to the park and christmas shopping reallysucks..but i tkae it as it comes..the important thing is dotn think abotu the future and what you will be able to then that will jsut bring you need to focus on the day at hand. and keep yourself form being stressed out physically and mentally...eventually you will realize what you can do and what you cant and the things you wnat to do you will learn to space them out and save up the energy for those activities. the worst part is not knowing why we get fms or not knowing a pill that cures it.....but those are the thiughts you need to ignore...get more sleep eat right etc etc....good luck!


teresat - November 29

I don't think anyone can really answer that question. I wish I knew!!!! We are all different & have different symptoms that bother us worse than others! My symptoms have gotten much worse than they wre 2 years ago! Right now I seem to be having a remission (if you will) & i am only experencing arthritic type pain. I hope that you will have a remission soon! I know what it feels like to give up things that you use to do!!!!


barbar - November 29

Things you need to know: 1) Yes, you will be able to lead an exciting active life. You may not be able to climb mountains but then again you might. As long as you have an active mind and an urge to live you will make it over this disease. 2) FMS is not supposed to get worse over time; and 3) it can mask other illnesses. FMS is not supposed to get worse over time, rather it makes everything else you have feel worse than it normally would. That means that as we get older, all those aches and pains (especially arthritis) interact with the fms so everything makes you feel like you're getting worse. Second, it's hard to tell the difference between fms and any other bug. I can't tell when I have the flu or a sinus infection until it's too late---meaning I haven't done anything to mitigate the other illness. You just have to learn to how to be able to identify those occassions when something else is making you feel dreadful (because it interacts with the fms) so you can either lie down and start taking chicken soup or get to a doctor and get some anti-bug pills. Once you've learned how your fms work---your own, personal fms, aren't you special?---you'll be able to master this thing. Remember, most of us are either in or close to our fifties and fms was not recognized until the late seventies. So it's been a little different for us. Research uncovers something new and interesting about fms daily so there may likely be a cure in your life time. Get to a good doctor and get some good meds NOW. The proper medication may give you back your life right now. (I know I'm buzzed on mine!) You'll be able to do anything you want, just learn how to master the beast. Us old foggies got aged with all those other beasties (arthrities, stenosis, compressed spinal cord, sciatica) before anybody uunderstood what was going on! So, enjoy your life without those other beasties (especially the hot flashes) and build your memories for that great life to come!


barbar - November 30

P.S. Jana-Simone: You were diagnosed early. You won't have to go through all of the psychological torture of not knowing what's happening to you. You won't always be thinking it's your fault, that you're just lazy and have an attitude problem. You won't be torturing yourself to buck-up and do it! Knowing that there is really something there and that you are overcoming it every time you get up is half the battle. Hope this helps.



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