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I just cannot take it anymore
20 Replies
jrzgirl - February 12

The pain and the cold, the cost of the blood work and feeling trapped inside my body and the house., still no Dx, I have to wait until March


Canada17 - February 12

While it may seem like little hope, at least February is a short month.

Hang in there, we all struggle in the beginning, the struggle does get easier. Arm yourself with knowledge and take comfort in the fact that you are most certainly not alone with what you are feeling.

You'll get through it. : )


jrzgirl - February 12

ty, but I don't even know what is wrong with me, it feels like a combination of diseases.


ptalana - February 13

Hi jrzgirl, it can be extremely frustrating waiting for a diagnosis we have all felt this frustration. But as Canada has said February is a short month.
I can relate to the pain that the cold weather can cause, this winter has been really rough on me as well. March is just around the corner, meaning spring is close behind, yay!
I would use these next few weeks learning as much as you can about your symptoms. Keep a daily log of everything you are feeling, take this with you to your appointment. The more prepared you are the closer to a diagnosis you may be.
Fms is a disorder that encompasses many others, so feeling like you have many diseases could very well be accurate. As many have mentioned the blue boxes on the left side of screen are filled with a wealth of info. Researching this info can be of great help to you.
Please remember you are not alone in what you are feeling. We are here for you.
Take care and sending you gentle hugs, Patty


jrzgirl - February 15

The stress level is so high, I swore I thought I was having a heart attack yesterday, if I had not has a cardiac catterization(normal results) in 08,but I am still scared. My life is falling apart, I plan on having myself admitted to a mental facility. My back,chest,arms, neck hurt(muscle pain) heart pounding and my jaws felt funny, No pain just strange. My ears feel stuffed up amd my gums hurt, I have had enough, I want to thank all of you for your supportand I will keep praying for you, I also suffer with panic attacks, anxiety and OCD.


Canada17 - February 15

Keeping a journal of your symptoms is a very good idea. I'd also like to suggest that you keep a log of what you are eating.

Part of you symptoms sound like food allergies or sensitivities that often go overlooked.

Fibromyalgia (FM) symptoms are often connected to what we ingest. While it can be tricky to figure out if you have sensitivities because they don't show up on any tests, a quick two-week elimination diet may help to at least improve on how you are feeling. It is certainly worth a try.

For example, I never realized just how important controlling the intake of foods going into my body really was. Even otherwise healthy foods like potatoes, tomatoes, and citric fruit.

I felt half the amount of pain in just two weeks. If I have one serving of potatoes now, I feel my FM the entire next day. It's just terrible.


kvc33 - February 15

I have been in your situation and have gone to the mental ward because of the severe stress, exhaustion and heart pounding. However I was not admitted as it quickly became clear to me that they were not set up to help someone with a physical illness and I can't take anti-depressants for the depression. I also was not at all impressed by how they were running the facility and realized that I would be better off at home with my cat and comforts. What has helped me is the tranquilizer called clonazepam. It stops the heart pounding stuff and makes me feel much more peaceful. I also use sodium and potassium for my heart and it helps a lot. My blood pressure was low and my heart would pound in an attempt to raise it. Perhaps this is what is going on with you? Feeling trapped and exhausted results in severe anxiety. If you can at all go for short walks to burn off the adrenaline. Make sure to eliminate caffeine, tea has quite a bit of caffeine in it, even decaf has some. Iced tea also. I know how scary all of this is for you. I have even had the aching teeth and gums too. The other drug that quells my anxiety and depression is gravol which is available at the drug store. I hope you get the help you need at the mental health ward but if you don't please don't give up. Sometimes we go through hell until we find peace again.


jrzgirl - February 15

if your experience with a facility was not that good, maybe I should consider a therapist in my area, I have so much pent up anger,regrets and feeling's. I have no one to talk to, maybe my church has one. I don't want to talk to my Pastor as he just bought a house 3 houses away from me and I feel like it would be awkward. I thought my life would have turned out differently, a marriage without love on my part is not how I wanted it to be, I now know I am not a good person, I dread getting up in the morning and cannot wait to go to bed at night, I would rather live alone than live with some one who I am afraid to be around,and not love. It is not fair to either of us. I fell like running and not looking back. 33 yrs of this is weighing on me heavily and not helping my health or outlook on life


kvc33 - February 23

I agree that you definately need someone to talk to and help you sort out what you are going through. I am not able to live with anyone either; I simply need too much rest, freedom and privacy to deal with my symptoms. I often do not feel loving towards my bf or anyone. Does your husband know how you feel? You need to find a place to de-stress that is all your own. Find a park or special place. Mine is a beautiful burial park where my Dad has been laid to rest. I go there when I can't handle life and it really helps. You are not alone in what you are feeling, in fact, we are probably "sisters". Deep breathing and short walks help me also.


AmandaEffy - March 2

Please just shoot me in the head. I can''t take this illness anymmore. I want my life back, I want me back. I need people to understand me. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I see so many people who say they're depressed because they had to stay home from school/work for 2 weeks. I've been home for two years. I want to be a normal 18 year old with a boyfriend, smoking, drinking, getting up to no good. Not home with my parents everyday


kvc33 - March 3

We here do understand and I understand your wanting to just go back to the way things were. However, acceptance is one of the keys to dealing with this. It doesn't mean that you don't have hope for a better future, it just means that you stop raging against what is going on right now. My bf has this illness also. Before getting it he was very active in the community and with sports. His wife died about a year after he became ill and he had to quit work. Just walking across the street is a challenge for him now, he has to use a cane. However, he is not unhappy. He has found ways to still enjoy life and he does. He loves photography and fixing computers, two things he can do whenever he has the energy. He is at peace about his situation and you can be too. I know how infuriating it is when a healthy person wants sympathy for just having a cold. They really are a different selfish breed. Please don't regret not being able to go out and smoke and drink, a lot of adults are dealing with serious addictions or health problems as a result of doing that when they were young. Consider it a positive that you aren't setting yourself up for that! When you do find a boyfriend, he will be very caring and really love you because he will have to. Those other girls you are jealous of are hooking up with immature jerks. Focus on what you can still do and find new ways to enjoy life. Join a support group if you can-- you may find a wonderful man there, I did!


enufpain4me - March 3

I just do not understand why there is nothing out there that really works! I have a combination of health/joint issues, then pile this on top. It is a smorgasboard.
I have degenerative disc disease L4/S1, MRI shows it is "near complete disc space loss", so that hurts, then 8 years ago, I was rear-ended which ruptured a disc in my neck. Had to have a discectomy & fusion. I have pain that radiates down my arm and my leg. Enuf is enuf. Ya know, then all the places that feel like a 'hot nail' is embedded. No one understands. Maybe I AM having a pityparty.


Canada17 - March 4

Unfortunately, because so little is known about why our bodies function differently from those who do not have Fibro, it is difficult to find effective treatments. It's trial and error at this point.

Even treatments that work well for one person, do not work for others, and others still have serious adverse reactions to them.

We have to stay on our toes and ahead of the ball. We have to remain positive and in tune with what our bodies are telling us. Then, we have to communicate with our doctors so they understand what is going on with us. From there our doctors will speak with other doctors/specialists who will in turn talk to researchers.

It may be years before an effective treatment is produced but the one thing we can do to make that happen quicker is to stay in the game. Talk with your doctor, keep going for follow-ups. Keep researching and asking questions. Someone will eventually find the answers.


ptalana - March 5

jrzgirl, I just wanted to wish you luck on your upcoming appointment. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you will get your diagnosis, no matter what it may be. Please let us know how everything goes.
Sending you positive vibes, and gentle hugs, Patty


cjspain - March 7

Hi jrzgirl. I know exactly how you feel. It is extremely frustrating, and really does a number on your self esteem and confidence. Try to focus on day to day stuff. Dont look too far ahead as it will be overwhelming. Ive done lots of research on the subject and it may take up to seven years to get a dx. Just believe in yourself and keep a journal. Try not to let the docs intimidate you. Read everything you can on the subject and then tell them what you need. Take care of yourself and be patient. It sucks but whats the alternative?!


AngieB38 - March 7

I have been having a bad several days. It is 3:49 a.m. and I am up on the computer due to really bad acid reflux. I recently changed from Nexium to Omeprazole and think I made a BIG mistake!! I plan to change back even though the cost is a big difference. I have also been dealing with back pain, arm, hand and wrist pain. I have a 10:00 massage scheduled for today and I am really excited :-) I am on my third month of Savella and havent really noticed much change from taking that med. Thanks for listening fellow fibro sufferers [3 This site has been of great help to me!!


[email protected] - March 7




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