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i'm new here
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chris c - June 12

hi--i have had fibro for a number of years (official diagnosis was 2 1/2 years ago). i guess i don't have a particular question, but i just recently got the internet at home and want to get support w/ my fibro. i just discovered this site and have like EVERY symptom!? i'm a 46-year old female.
thanks for listening.


ozkells - July 15

Hello there. I am new here as well. I was officially diagnosed 10 years ago and am 30 years old. It is sometimes reassuring to read that you have EVERY symptom, it sort of makes you feel more valid I think, at the same time it's a bit depressing. I am currently trying to cope with being a stay at home mum of 2 babies (18mths & 3mths). I thought I could do it, as I could no longer work full time due to the FM, but I think this is even harder. I have virtually no help during the week and I just don't know how to keep going. I feel like I've 'just kept going' for the last 10 years - I need a break!


kathleen Paterson - July 17

Hi Chris , I too have every symptom it is a living hell. It is good to here from other people who suffer ,( although not for them ) it helps let you know you are not going crazy. I find my symptoms getting worse the longer it goes on, probably the stress of not getting better.
take care kathy


chris c - July 18

I appreciate the two responses (from ozkells and kathleen) -- it's very validating indeed! unfortunately this doesn't seem to be a very active support board. anyone know of others? (is that ok to ask here??)


pussysue - July 21

hiya i new here too been suffering for about 5 years but only diagnosed last week and still got to wait to see pain clinic!!!!I am a married mum of four and also lucking for support via forums


ibritz - July 23

I'm in the same boat! I'm starting water therapy next week. I hope it can at least help with taking the edge off. The PT advised me that it would be more painful the first week or so for about two hours after the therapy, but should help in the long run.

As far as support, I think we will only get what we make this forum. Why don't we work on getting more support - emotionally and maybe that would help us all out more. Instead of focussing on our aches and pains. Just a suggestion.


anonymouse - July 30

Hi there. I am also new here! Just registered. Fibro for 15 years....diagnosed 2 1/2 to 3 years ago.


PreggowithFMS - August 10

I am new here also. I am 31 and pregnant with my 3rd child. The first trimester actually made the fibro not so bad but since hitting the end of the 1st trimester I haven't been feeling so hot.

I did go to therapy and it did make my upper body feel good for about 6 to 8 hours afterwards - however the next couple of days was worse then when I went in so I quit. Anyhow, I have read how FMS can destroy careers and families and etc. I am so happy for this support site that I found. So far what I have read seems to be a great board with great people.



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