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If I can get well, why can't others!
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sueant - July 8

Hi all, I am a 69 year old lady who was diagnosed with Fibro in 1964. At the time I was working for a psychiatric and pain management group. When I mentioned to one of the doctors the intense pain I was feeling 24-48 hours before an increase in humidity, or downpour. He said "you have fibromyalgia, go see your doctor. Which I did and was diagnosed, after being tested for a myriad of diseases. I had intense pain in both my legs for years, it moved up to my hips, chest, breast, neck, and now for years has settled in my shoulders and arms. On a really bad day I hurt all over. Don't laugh, but my co-workers always asked me what the weather was going to be for the weekend! The chronic fatigue which came on slowly over the years before I was diagnosed was debilitating. Before CF and Firbo, I worked as office manage for a medical center, was very active in community theater, sang professionally for a local church, and had a large group of friends. I gave up on everything and my friends gave up on me! I simply could not keep up, and never knew when I woke up in the AM what kind of day it would be. Everything except my work, which I honestly do not know, looking back, how I kept up the guts to remain a productive person. To this day the only correlation to my pain is the barometer. No diet, lifestyle change, medication, and all the other remedies offered, can fight nature. The only pain reliever was my hot tub. Today I have the perfect job, working from home. The lack of stress has not improved my pain. I also moved back to LI and have less pain than I did in Florida. There are good days, which I live for. Also the chronic fatigue became much less after menopause. You have to keep strong, do things that make you happy, come to terms with your limits, (which in my case was very hard) and carry on. People who do not understand you, are just ignorant of fybro and we have to hope that they never experience it!


mnicole - April 3

I'm both happy and sorry to read your experience. I was very active; not to mention working as a teenager while in school. I started developing health issues around the age 18. At 19 I was diagnosed with Hashimotos. Two years ago; when I was 25 they removed it. I still struggle with symptoms. I was in a car accident around 2012 where I suffered a neck spinal injury I did not truly feel the effects until just over a year ago. Aside from that I started to notice severe head aches, not your typical headaches...severe pressure and pain. Eventually I was just fatigued all the time, with no desire to go anywhere. I started getting immense amounts of pain all over my body. At the end of 2016 they diagnosed me with arthritis and fibromyalgia. I have tried gluten free diets, I tried exercising, and nothing helps. No medicine has helped either. They have tried to treat me with depression medication. I live in Florida and I never want to go outside, (which hurts mentally because being outdoors is where im happy) but, the weather is too humid. People believe I am just lazy; when I feel i try to do everything I can to get out of bed and do what I need to do daily. Sometimes the pain is just too much. I have gone as far as to decide I need to move further north. I can only hope this will somewhat help. If I could have 3 good days a week, or even just less pain that would be enough for me. I feel sometimes that I am wasting my life; I have so many aspirations and it's been hard to come to terms that I will not be able to do some of them. Some days I just feel miserable and I wish I could find something to help. So I can just enjoy things; it is difficult to accept because others; including family believe I can, "just push through". Knowing others suffer in the same way does make me feel like I am just misunderstood by most. Any advice I can get I will take! And I am sorry for anyone who suffers from any of these things...I wouldn't wish it upon anyone. I am now turning 28 and just wonder if I can somehow find a way to do something so that I can enjoy the days.



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