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Muscle Twitching
4 Replies
grany0010 - November 7

I have been to two different Neuro Dr, for muscle twitches, They say nothing is wrong,My left foot & stomach twitch non-stop. I also have small twitch other places on my body. I have had Fibro for over 25 years and my muscle twitches started in april of this year. Please tell me if anyone else has ever had this so many years after be diagnosed.


Bellababy - November 23

Are you by any chance taking Cymbalta? I too have muscle twitches and have been brushed off by physicans.


feelinginsane - February 21


I do have muscle twitches all of the time and I to went to 3 neurologists, had CT scan, sleep clinic, MRI and multiple x-rays before being diagnosed with fibro. But what initially got me to start looking into what was going on was the muscle spasms that I was getting in my back and in my feet and legs. I was starting to feel like I was truly crazy as most of this just started to graduate over a very small time span. It took me 2 years to be diagnosed and it was a very frustrating long traveled road. Before the muscle spasms started I was having panic attacks that I chalked up to my job. I was put on Zoloft right away for the panic attacks as I was actually scared of myself. The Zoloft worked well on the anxiety and panic attacks but then came the muscle spasm. I would be down for 3 to 4 days at a time in severe pain unable to hardly breathe. Now the twitches that drive me crazy when I am trying to rest, if I keep moving I don't really notice them.


kountpraea - March 5

Hi Grany0010
I have have had progressively worsening twitches and tremors.My neurologist put me on levodop, which is a parkinson's medication. It works with some fibromyalgia patients and has worked beautifully for me. The doctor also said that you can develop this problem as a side effect of taking cymbalta.

thanks, hope you are having a good day :)


feelinginsane - March 14

Hi Kountpraea
When I went to the sleep clinic and the RLS was discovered they had also put me on a low dose of Parkinson's medication. I took it for a very short while as I really didn't like the thought of taken medication for Parkinson's, it made me nervous. With me having anxiety issues already I thought that it was best to put this medication aside. I am not doing that great on the Cymbalta so I am just going to finish what I have and I am going to get back on the Lyrica and Zoloft. The only reason I got of the Lyrica was to be able to take less medication but the Cymbalta is not holding me at all.

Hope you have a great Weekend.



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