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My hand have hurt the last 2 days..
4 Replies
EndoFibroGrl - June 27

Hello guys just looking to see if anybody has some suggestions for pains in the hands (primarily my figers). They have been hurting really bad the last 2 days, about a 6 on the pain level (10 being the worst). Of couse there is nothing that you can't do without your hands so this pain is REALLY bothering me. Also what I like to do to relax and cheer my self up is make hemp jewelry. So you can see my problem here. Normally I would use tiger balm with meds for the joint pains but the meds arent helping with the hands and I cant see rubbing the tiger balm on my fingers because it would get on everything I touch. Anybody have any other good ideas? Thanks for listening!


Fantod - June 28

I would consider trying a parafin bath. People with arthitis in their hands seem to get a good deal of relief using this method. You can buy one at Bed Bath and Beyond. They are easy to use and not too expensive. I sure hope that this suggestion helps. Take care/


lucky13 - June 30

My hand pain is one of the reasons I went to Drs and led to my fibro diagnosis.
I bought some compression gloves which are used for athritis pain and it feels a little better while wearing them, especially since I have to use myhands at work, The parifin bath sounds like a good idea, I think I'll ask for one of those for christmas :)
I would stop the jewelry making until your pain subsides, maybe use the tiger balm (since that's what you have on hand) and lay down and do some relaxation breathing, take a nap or watch a movie. Give you and your hands a little break (if you can).
Mine tends to hurt the most when I am using them alot.
Good luck


EndoFibroGrl - July 9

Hey guys sorry it took me so long to respond. I do have a glove that helps with my wrist but sometimes its in my fingers too and I tried looking for a glove that would have both but I couldn't find one.
I did try an epsom salt bath but i'm not sure if that work because I went to bed less than an hour later. But thank you for your suggestions!


Ena - July 13

Hey, i have the same problem, but i want to add a little something,,, That the pain is going on rotating way, i mean that yr hand will pain you for a period( may be long or short) then yr arm then yr leg ,,, may be all of the them at once,, but after period hope to be short oe, yr hand 'll be ok
hope that make u ok
Just wait for the leaving of the pain , u can look to the pain just It is just a pian and oneday will go out ,,, bye



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