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My Story
2 Replies
Kimmik - February 1

I have been having issues for as long as I can remember. Sadly I was raised thinking ADD CF and Fibro were cop-outs. They were the "in" thing. I have sense learned better and learned that damn it; it is not in my head and it is not because I am lazy and it is not that I am just fat.

I hate mornings where I wake up and just the simple task of hen peck typing is a feat of endurance, or worse having to be handed my daughter once I sit down so I am sure I wont drop her.

There are days that I just want a house to fall on me... (but you know someone would just steal my shoes) Days that I can not get any damn words right, my husband gets called every guys name in search of his.

I hate being limited in my play time with my baby, I cant carry her up or down stairs very often... talk about feeling like the failure of the year..

I stumble, i hurt, my arms sometimes betray me, words taunt me... and my eye sight is terrible.. but everyone I have seen says I have 2020... but if that is the case why the hell do I have blurry vision.. things like to go out of focus..

I can't find any online chat rooms where there is people on line to chat to... sorry for whineing... but family doesnt get it... and no of my friends really under stand.

Hi I am Kim and i feel so alone.


cool-aid - February 2

Hi Kim,
I totally understand your frustration. For many years I suffered from fatigue, depression and pain. I would go to the Dr. and they would tell me things like "oh you're just bored" and prescribe something for depression. I knew there was something wrong with me. I knew my husband and my kids thought at times that I was lazy and copping out on some family outings. Heck, I even thought I was lazy sometimes, but whatever I did, I just couldn't make my body move. I trudged on day after day, year after year.

I turned 50 this past year and in Oct. I suddenly had double vision, followed by extreme pain, IBS, urinary incontinence, etc.

Since Oct. I have seen and Opthamologist, Neurologist, Neuro Surgeon. I have had MRIs, multiple blood work and a spinal tap. All have been negative. I went back to my Primary care Dr.
on Monday and talked to him about Fibro. He examined me for trigger points and boy did I have them. He set me up to see a Rheumatologist but can't get in till March 9th!

I already had an appt. scheduled for tomorrow to see a neuro opthamologist. I'm anxious to see what he has to say. All Drs. I've seen so far say the double vision isn't a symptom of Fibromyalgia.
I just can't believe that I have found double vision listed as a symptom on the majority of websites that I have checked out and all the real life stories that I have found, but these Drs. don't know anything about it. So So Frustrating.

Sorry for rambling!


January - February 4

Hi Kim and Cool-aid, Just want to offer support. I've had fibro a long time - and went thru such a runaround getting diagnosed - then I just got lucky and stumbled on a good doctor, as that was back when no one believed FMS existed.

Nobody would choose to feel this bad. You have to fight for yourself (nicely) when people dismiss your feelings out of ignorance. Ask around your communities and find other fibro people - they might know the best doctors that can help you. If you have a doctor that doesn't "get it," best to move on.

Oh, cool-aid, a spinal tap, ouch! My eyes are better or worse, depending on the day. Dry eyes seem to be a fibro problem too.

Hope you both get the help you need soon. Don't give up. :)



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