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New Doctor Was No Help
4 Replies
Rahiin - April 27

I have written this same story at least 3 different times in other threads. My insurance company never tells me the correct title of the doctor I'm seeing. I had a refferal for physical medicine and rehabilition, and they end up sending me to a pain management doctor.

This pain doctor, like the other 5 that I have seen, was also of no help. He simply said that he couldn't do anything for me. So I wasted my time, energy and the ever increasing expensive gas for my car for this trip.

Without treatment for the last two years, my condition has deterioated to one of a person in a vegetable state. The only reason that I was able to travel to this doctor's office was the fact that I rested the previous days to save up enough energy. I cannot travel whenever I want, I have to prepare myself for it. That being the case, I can't travel very often, for even a 3 hour trip exhausts me. It's not that I'm lazy, I simply hurt too much and don't have enough energy, no matter how hard I try.

I flunked out of school because I missed so many days, I lost my job because I missed so many days, all because of my untreated fibro. Because of that, I don't have enough money to pay the rent for the next month. All I can do is sit here and wait for the inevitable because there's nothing else I can do, I've tried everything I can to avoid this, but it wasn't up to me, it was up to the doctors, and every single one I've seen couldn't help me at all. If I stop posting after May starts, then I guess that means that I'm homeless, because that's how it's looking like right now.

Sorry guys, I tried my best, but it takes more than just the patient to beat fibro, and unfortuantly I was doing it all by myself.


January - April 27

Rahlin - what the heck happened at the pain management doctors office??? I don't understand why no one will work with you. Why do they keep dismissing you? If you have the energy, can you complain to your insurance company about being misled this time?

But I'm sure you just feel like giving up…so sorry this keeps happening to you. You might google internet fibromyalgia doctors - and see if you can find a doctor that works over the internet with patients. Some of them take insurance. Please don't give up. You have to fight for yourself.


Rahiin - April 29

He simply said what all the other doctors say, that there's nothing that he can do for me and that I should go somewhere else for treatment. That was his reason for dismissing me. I did call my insurance company, and told them the situation. They said it was the doctor's fault. So then I call the doctor and they said it was the insurance's fault. So both of them are passing the blame to the other, and nothing got done.

I'm done. I don't care what happens to me anymore. I'm already confined to the house 23/24 hours out of the day. I try my best with home remedies but they can only do so much without a proper treatment plan. I don't know what my landlord is gonna do to me at the begining of the month but I don't care because I give up. I lasted longer than anyone else expected me to last, 2 years without any help, so I think it's perfectly reasonable to call it quits now.


January - April 29

Rahlin - I posted something earlier about Dr. Phil's show. It seems he is unaware of fibromyalgia and chronic pain problems - and I wish he knew more about people like you. I wonder if you emailed him about your continuing frustration in getting treatment, maybe he could help you out? Seriously - he seems like a sincere person - maybe if he became aware of the problems you (and others) have - maybe he could get some help for you?


Rahiin - May 1

Haha well that is a long shot at best, I'm sure he gets thousands of emails. But yeah in my spare time I guess I can send him one. Can't hurt.



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