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New fibrofog symptom?
5 Replies
writerchick - March 12

Hi All! I have a new quirk going on that I am curious about. I have been writing for many years and in general have little problem with grammar and spelling (until recently). The new thing that I find odd is that my hands are somehow starting to type phonetically. I never took phonics (although I have taught it) and have never had this type of spelling problem before. Beginning about 2 weeks ago, I began to see things like consept instead of concept and topik instead of topic. It only happens in the middle or at the end of the words. I am not on any new meds or dosages. Any ideas?



belle1329 - March 12

I have the same problem, it seemed to start a few months ago, Cant type, cant remember, cant spell, whats next?? You are not alone :-) Again must be the fibro fog..........


axxie - March 17

Welcome to my world, I have the same problem. I sometime read a sign on the road and one of the letters is misplaced and it reads wrong.

Typing, spelling and not remembering is right up there, as my number one complaints. How can you work if you can't spell or count with assurance.

Since taking cymbalta, I thought I'd take care of fibrofog, but maybe this is different?


belle1329 - March 19

axxie, are you saying the Cymbalta does take care of the fibro fog or not, I have tried to stay clear of pain meds because they make me foggyer, all meds seem to do this to me. I am now going to try tylenol PM since I cant take the sleeping pills, they made me crazy and very depressed! An I took muscle relaxers that make me groggy all the time. Do you think Cymbalta would do the trick, My doc perscribed Lyrica, but I heard alot of negitave on it, so I did not fill it. Thank You :-)


axxie - March 19

For me cymbalta 60mg, took away the fibro fog. Lyrica, Works well in taking away the pain, except the associated condition to this, is rapid weight gain.
Celebrex, and the newbie on the market, just approved by the FDA for FMS, called Savella, a selective serotonin and norepinephrine inhibitor similar to some drugs used for the treatment of depression same line as Cymbalta.
Pick your poison


crafter8 - March 21

for fibrofog, i found b12 sublingual? or is it bilingual lol, works best. i had fog real bad until 2 months ago, i tried this , and seems to help. i work at a school with 4th grade as a teachers aide, and it was getting embarrassing. i am also anti meds preferring diet, herbal remedies, and no chemicals into my body except tylenol pm. i cant say it helps pain levels, but fog is improved.



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