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New here/ Feeling overwhelmed lately
3 Replies
Twitch - January 31

Rather than accidentally tossing my life story at people on -their- threads, I figured I'd make my own.
I was diagnosed with FMS/Chronic Fatigue/Chronic Sinusitus at about 15/16 after two years of playing doctor tag and being told it was all in my head. I've been managing actually really well and seem to have established myself as a reasonably functioning adult (I'm 21 now).
But lately its been a little rougher and I've foud myself having difficulty coping. Bit off a little too much in terms of work, school, etc. The stress just seems to be coming in from all angles and I barely know where to begin. I'm mid aching spell, the fibro fog is brutal and I honestly just want to curl up and stop everything for a few days. Not really an option. Life doesn't wait.
So, that being said, how do I put life back together again? How do I take care of myself and my responsibilities at the same time? Can I at least stop wanting to cry for a while?


Rahiin - February 1

Hi Twitch, glad to see that you found this website.

I can relate a lot to you, because I was also disagnosed young at 19, I'm 20 now. I went through the same crap with dozens of doctors, and going through the same crap at school and work like you.
I often ask the same questions you do, but unfortunatly I don't have the answers either. But I do have some tips that I've learned along the way.

Have you told your teachers and/or boss about your conditions? I know it's annoying to do, but you gotta do it if they are causing you a lot of stress. Schools can make adjustments for people with disabilities and so can workplaces. You gotta sit down and say "Look, I can't do some of the same things that other workers/ students can. It's not that I'm lazy or don't wanna work hard. It's just that I'm different." My work is very understanding but my school is a different issue. Having problems with them snobs ;)

Lots of dealing with fibro is mind over matter. You have to tell yourself, and accept that, there are just certain bad days every once in while, where you are in no condition to do anything. You can't make that everyday, but having "off" days is just part of the game now.

If your medicine/treatment isn't sufficent, keep bugging your doctors until they are. They will push you aside unless you are persistant. But you seem to know how to deal with doctors.

You aren't alone, even though it might seem like you are. To answer your question, you put your life back together one day at a time =)


Twitch - February 2

Really appreciate the reply. Even just finding this site helps a lot.
The thing is (and don't look at me funny for this one) I'm not actually medicated. I was diagnosed about sixteen and the only thing I was ever put on was an antihistamine and an antiathsmatic. Theoretically to deal with the sinusitus which I was told brought this all about. So I was on those for about a year and then stopped gradually. I just....well I can't say I grew out of it, but I improved somewhat and got back into the swing of things. Not to say it didn't bugger up my young adult life grandly.
So...I guess you could say I've been untreated for quite some time. Doctors sort of just left me (from what I can recall) with the understanding that I would be tired and had probably best work around it. So looking at this site now, I've been doing things I shouldn't have for years without quite realizing that they made me much worse.
I just went back to university after a year long career transition and have been more than a little sleep deprived and caffeinated. Not. Good. Things.
And, I guess, I don't want to go up to my profs, my volunteer leaders, my employer and my friends and say "Hey, I've got to take it easy". Somehow I'm either not that kind of person. Or admitting defeat (it would feel like) would be too hard. I'm just so used to being just so busy.
But...the information here has been beyond helpful. So while I'm not ready to medicate and not quite prepared to ask for lenience from my superiors, I'm making an effort in all other areas. Guaranteed.
Thank you for showing I'm not alone :)


tia - February 7

Hey twitch n rahiin...i can s0 relate to b0th of 23 bt was diagn0sed at the age of 16...i was put on trepilene bt it made me feel h0rrible and i st0pped it been s0rt of self medicating n taking anti inflamit0ries or muscle relaxers n was als0 relatively fine bt fr the past yr sympt0ms hav g0tten w0rse migranes last up to 4weeks,c0nstantly tired n in pain,n0t up to g0in anywhere or d0in anythng n kept bein t0ld im to y0ung to b sick...sorry f0r rambling just wantd to share that i understand n wel if u want to talk im here...ive recently been to a rheumy n started on lyrica and cymbalta and wel i gues tym wil tel...hang in wat i d0...i keep teln myself to 'smile and wave' u knw lyk the penguins in madagascar l0l...n have faith God d0es n0t inflict a burden on us greater thn we can bare...



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