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New here today
7 Replies
Annie7978 - April 15

Has anyone experienced chills at night and night sweats?


Swimmergurl - April 23

Omg! I'm new here today and ran across your post! The last few weeks have been really bad with hot flashes, or what I thought were hot flashes. I just turned 45 yesterday, so I thought maybe I was starting with the hot flashes.

I'm starting with a new doc next week and was planning on asking him about it, if he says anything of interest I'll let you know. Now I'm wondering if it's something that goes along with the whole roller coaster of fibromyalgia


Swimmergurl - April 23

Oops! Forgot to mention that I get a huge chill with goosebumps and I'll just before a hot flash. They usually happen at night !


h2olgd - April 29

That is weird. I'm only 37 and I get them too. I've been get fevers and getting cold. My body temperature is all over the place and it changes really quickly. My normal temp is really low, 96.3. But I went to my doctor last tuesday. The nurse took my temp and 97.0 and then when my dr. came in and started to examine me she asked me what was wrong because I was buring up, my skin was on fire. I told her to try not to touch me if she didn't have to, but then she said she was going to take my temp just to see, and this was around 20 minutes after the nurse had taken my original temp. It was all the way up to 98.8, it went up that fast in less than 20 minutes. I know my doctor is calling eveyone in the lower 48 to help her with me. so hopefully we will have good news soon.


Swimmergurl - April 29

I went to my new doctor appointment yesterday. And I did address the issue of the chills/sweats. Truthfully I felt really comfortable with this doctor and being that it was our initial visit he really didnt want to speculate on the cause. He did however order a full panel of blood work that I found interesting! He's testing all the run of the mill things along with certain vitamin/ mineral levels. I guess to check for a deficiency? I do have moderate / severe Crohns Disease as well as Chiari Malformation Type 1 which can disturb the scheme of things in the long run! Lol!
I explained to him the symptoms , and my mother ( who accompanied me to the visit) stated that she's noticed that I actually throw off heat much more than I used to. She says she notices when we hug or when we are seated close to one another. The doc seemed to find it interesting, I'll post any new info I can get! Maybe it's something as simple as a vitamin deficiency? Who knows!


h2olgd - July 10

The only vitamins that I am low on are Vitamin D, because I live in Alaska and it's a state thing. The whole entire population has that issue. And my Iron saturation level is crazy low, but the rest of my Iron levels are fine. While I don't have Crohns or a Chiari, I do have CRPS, EBV and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and am being worked up now for Lyme and POTS. So may the heat thing could be linked to one of those, but I've had CRPS for the last 18 years and while certain parts of my body may get hot or cold along with a flare that doesn't severely effect my whole bodies temperature. Well, I hope you find a solution and you share it here I would love to have any suggestions at all because it's July now and my doctor has been working on it since November and still has no clue. So I'm just asking for ideas from everyone to pass along. Thanks.


Mysticrose9213 - July 11

I am also new here tonight. I live in Arizona and all pain management doctors (on my 4th), I have seen has always had me on vitamin d3. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in February 2005, although believe I have had it since I was 17, around 1996. The cold sweats, fever and chills have been driving me crazy these past three weeks, but last two days more than usual.
Today has been a bad day for me and have no where to turn. Since I woke up I was covered in sweat, the restless legs won't stop, I am very unsettled to the point irate and a feeling of emptiness like a hunger but not hungry. I eat because I think it will help, but doesn't. Between the burning down my leg and the restlessness I can not relax or the constant shifting positions because of excessive sweating. I also have major IBS issues going on, along with vomiting and nausea. I originally thought maybe withdraws from meds, but haven't skipped any. I also have an ongoing current going through my body that won't calm. I'm awake because sleep won't come, and I can't seem to calm down. My rib cage feels like vice grips and can't release the pressure. Any suggestions are welcome.


Swimmergurl - July 11

So sorry to hear you're in distress!
Not doing very well myself.
My doctor(s) have me on 50,000IU weekly of D3, I also came up deficient in a hormone called DHEA, which also makes me feel awfully tired. My doctor seems to feel it may be connected to my hot flash symptoms ( along with my age). I'm getting ready to get my third round of blood tests to CONFIRM my DHEA deficiency, I guess you have to test low three consecutive months to determine a supplementary plan. I'm also going through s bad time gynecologically... As my doc has tried me on birth control pills to reduce my hot flashes and periods altogether since every month my cycle flares up my crohns symptoms. Well... Let's just say I tossed the pills because I can't stop vomiting from the nausea. ( I'm now the proud owner of a weak stomach due to the crohns/ fibre combo)
My doc has me on Tramadol for general pain. Unfortunately he was out of town for a funeral so I'll most likely be two days short on my meds... Ought to be a fun Sunday and Monday!
So.... Without the tramadol I have horrid RLS!! Which is one of the reasons he put me on tramadol.
I can relate to you for sure!
What hoping for is that once all my deficiency issues are taken care of, some of these symptoms will decrease.
Maybe you could ask your doctor about Hylands Restful Legs... It works for me in a pinch. Since its natural , you still should ask your doc in case it doesn't go with any of your other medicines?
Hope this helps a little.????



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