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New mom lots of back and leg pain
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jsmom - April 23

Are there any other moms out there that have figured out how to care for your infant with reduced pain. My back and legs are constantly hurting and numb. My legs feel as if they are going to go out on me. Does anyone know what kind of exercises or medicines i can do or take that will help without harming my daughter.


fibromom05 - May 21

jsmom, you're not alone! I'm sorry you have this too as it's not fun, but put a baby into the mix and it's downright painful!! I have an almost 11 month old on Jun 5th! Being a mom with fibro has been one fo the hardest things on me yet in my life. I got fibro right before I found out I was pregnant. I know that just from calculating symptoms and stuff. Anyway, I too, deal with really bad leg pain especially in the morning. Sometimes I can't even get out of bed until my pain killers kick in but there's not much you can do about it. Addy will grow up to understand that mommy is in pain a lot and some days will be worse than others. But to your question, If you're not all ready, you need to be on medication. Most people are on a narcotic like Vicodin, Darvocet(that's what I'm on), Oxycontin, and also taking a muscle relaxer, and antidepressants to help with seratonin levels so you can learn to "deal" with the pain better. I recomend either Vicodin's or Darvocet with a child. They are not so strong you can't parent. You need a muscle relaxer to take at night to help you in the morning like Flexiril or even ask for Naprosyn. You need to see a rheumatologist or a Physiatrist(pain specialist which I see). You need something to help with the pain so you can take care of your child. Without it, it's almost impossible. It's not going to make your parenting worse, it will improve it so you can play too. What making it worse is the belief that pain meds are out of the question b/c of the narcotic side of them. You need to take an edge off the pain. So ask a Dr. that you know you can trust and see what he says. There's a ton of Doc's that dont' believe in this FMS, so be careful who you choose.



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