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Newbie here from London Ontario
12 Replies
Cid - July 10

Hi all.... I was just diagnosed with Fibro and really haven't had a chance to find out much about this disorder. All I know that I hurt so bad some days I cant get out of bed. I am desperately looking for a support group in London but there doesn't seem to be anything other then online. Is anyone out there that knows of a group? Thanks so much... This site is great by the way , so thanks for being here.... Take care all.


axxie - November 2

Hey Cid, I am from Ottawa and there are not any support groups, as such, I know there was one, that was running in London but it stop running, the woman found it too hard to run the support group and manage the fibro. I quite understand, I was working for a while but then I would take a year off work to recoup, return to work only to find myself so fatigued and in pain that I would miss too much work. You will see with time that you will manage fms better. You will need to change the way you eat, and how you prioritize your life. It would serve you well to get as much facts as you can about fms and chronic pain that you may experience.


axxie - November 2

Cid,I found some info at the London Health Sciences Centre, that may help you,
Info from the London Health Sciences Centre
•The Fibromyalgia Program at the London Health Sciences Centre:
•Depression and Fibromyalgia - Dr. Warren R. Nielson, London Health Sciences Centre
•Fibromyalgia and the Workplace - Dr. Warren R. Nielson, London Health Sciences Centre
•Chronic Pain Disability - (WCB Information from the London Health Sciences Centre site


axxie - November 2

Seek or google hospital


Cid - November 2

Thanks so much Axxie! I have since been in physio, found physcologist and doing the exercises. I am trying to change my activities that I do during the day , not overdoing, etc. I found that my legs have calmed down but still having terrible pain in the shoulders and arms. Hopefully in time that will calm down also. Thanks for the info about LHSC. I will check that out...... Hope you are feeling better ! Take care


axxie - January 2

Hi Cid, hoping you are managing your fibro better, and that you have found a local group to help you cope.


Cid - January 2

hi there axxie... hope your holidays were wonderful! Thanks so much for asking and it is a bit better . I am working out for strength, cardio and meditating much more so this is helpful. I have a FB specialist that I see in April here in London so perhaps he will help me also. The Arthritis Ass. here in London had a day seminar about FB and I attended that and learned so much about this illness and am using the tools they gave us. So yes things are looking up lol..... how are you doing? hope everything is ok! Take good care of yourself and once again thanks for writing. May 2014 bring health to us all.


axxie - January 20

hi cid, doing fine, I will need to look into the Arthritis Association in Ottawa to see if there are any FM specialist here in Ottawa, but to what I have been experience there are none. I am happy things are looking better for you. What do take when you are in pain, I found that taking 3 red krill of 1,000mg per day helps me with the pain. I do know it was recommended for people who have arthritic pain. I find it takes away some of the pain and then can manage most days with very little pain management. Cream or topical cream works, I also find that taking a very hot shower helps to calm the pain. What do you do for the pain.


Cid - January 20

HI axxie: Good to hear from you..I'm so happy you found something to help you out! I have tried the cream... in fact a friend of mine gave me a spray called CryoDerm and it helps.. you spray it on the spot that is hurting you lol in our case all over and it warms but at the same time cools... sounds weird but it helps a bit. My doc had me on morphine, gabypentine, naprosine, a muscle relaxor, after which I needed to go on a stomach pill ! I found that I was a little too drugged so discontinued the morphine and muscle relaxant. I still that the gabby tho. It helps a lot. Im still walking as much as I can and doing my housework but some days its just not possible . Soooooo I give myself permission not to do anything on those days! LOL. Someday they will find out whats up with this syndrome I hope but for now all we can do what is best for us. I hope you feel better real soon and please take care of yourself... no else is going too lol so we have to !!! Have a great week axxie and chat soon.


Rogue_agentmi6 - February 1


I have been Diagnosed with this Affliction as well, following Severe Trauma in a Motor Vehicle Collision in 2007. Apparently I have been mistreated by my GP and was Referred to St.Josephs Chronic Pain Clinic.

Upon the Referral being converted into an Appointment, I was unsure of what to expect or feel. I saw a Specialist in the area of FM named Dr. Patricia Morrelly Forster who I am now working with. I am 39 and I am a Male, which further alienates me from the others who Experience this Affliction. Women are more likely than Men to experience FM. Or is it simply more Men Suffer in Silence.

I don't know any Support Groups but I will ask at my Appointment on February 13.

I don't even know anyone affected by FM to even speak with who Understands.....



Cid - February 1

Hi Ed: Sorry to hear you are inflicted with FM! I too was misdiagnosed for years as MS but later last year found out it was actually FM. After researching it after my Doc finally got a true diagnosis, I was shocked to find out some Docs don't even believe it is an illness. Also , I was informed , through the Arthritis Association, that FM is a nervous system illness, not a muscular illness and they are trying to involve Neurologists to come aboard with the treatment of FM.
I find , for myself, that the fatigue and pain on a daily basis gets better with more education of the subject, how to manage it , and how to say no when you aren't feeling very well. If its important they or it will wait till you are feeling better.
Find which meds work for you. It might take a few trial and errors but eventually you will find one that helps. Nothing actually takes the pain away completely , but it helps out. I have found that gabypentine, naprosine, and sometimes 1mg of morphine helps. It seems like a lot of drugs to take , but my thinking is getting through the day , so this helps. Also exercising, just a walk , or stretching can help.
The most important thing is resting when you need to rest , and allowing yourself to say no when you aren't feeling so well. Good luck with your search Ed and I truly hope you find something or someone out there that can help. You do have friends here you can talk to , I for one, and hope you continue to chat with us.
Take care of yourself


Danika60 - April 26

Hi I am located in London ontario and have been wanting to start a fibromyalgia support group, just seeing if there is an interest in it.


rbezzina - July 12

Hi I am also from London Ontario and would be interested in starting a FM support group with the two of you (Danika60 & Cid).



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