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Newly diagnosed.
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Christine St Flour - April 4

I have been recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and finding it hard to make people understand what is involved. I feel like I'm about to go mad.. Lack of quality sleep, pain relief or understanding from anyone including the doctors. Need to talk to people going thru similar. I'm noticing the lack of support groups around, any ideas?? I live in the Blue Mtns in Australia.


jmt - April 7

I have had this condition for about 13 years but have also been diagnosed with Chronic fatigue immune disfunction. Their website also has information about fibromyalgia but it has imformation free you can send for that helps explain to them what the symptoms are like and how they can help you. Also if you go armed with information to your doctor, you can usually get more respect and care from them. Search the internet for fibromyalgia sites that have information that you think might help your specific symptoms. Also or I can't remember which but has articles about studies that have been done or in the process of doing that you can copy the summary to take to your doctor. I have found that finding information and taking it with me, so I have specific questions that are in the medical field own periodicals helps you to have more information for yourself but also you recieve more respect from dr.'s At least this has been my experience.
Good luck Ü


jmt - April 7

I'm sorry I forgot to write the cfids site which is

I hope things get better for you ! at least in having some more understanding from those around you, that you really do need for them to understand and realize this is a real medical condition.


waiala - May 1

Hi. I live in California, and after 9 years of suffering, was just diagnosed this morning with Fibromyalgia. I think the internet (sites like this one!) is extremely helpful & I also saw some pamphlets and books on I would check with your local library, first.



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