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pregnancy please help!!
4 Replies
stephanie0417 - April 19

i have not had any flare ups for almost a year.. in fact ive felt wonderful.. a couple weeks ago, i began having horrible all over body aches and fatigue... i found out i am pregnant.. about 51/2 weeks ... this is my second pregnancy and when pregnant with my daughter i NEVER had this much pain.. just wondering if its normal for pregnancy (early) to cause this much body pain.. every joint and muscle hurts, i can hardly function.. anyone else experience this? and how long does it last? should i be worried that soemthing else is going on since i have been symptom free for so long up untill this point?? im really scared and have several weeks untill i get to see an obgyn.. any words would help.. i need it thanks!!


fibromom05 - May 21

I'm sorry you are hurting so much. I got fibro right before I found out I was preggos. I was in excruciating pain my whole pregnancy. I was also on Vicodins and Flexiril the whole time. It's okay to take that., see if your Doctor can prescribe you some. It's not AT ALL harmfuil to your baby, I don't care what people say, Doc's say it's not and I trust them b/c I had an awesomely beautiful baby with nothing wrong with her. Just relax as much as possible. You need to keep your legs above your head and take hot baths to relieve that pain. Get a pillow top mattress or go buy (walmart) a removable down or similar matress top. They run about 40-70 dollars depending on bed size, this will help a lot. Take care of yourself. Don't eat fatty foods or really heavy foods. That's my advice. Good luck and hang in there!


dwilmoth - May 21

I am preg too. 11 weeks. But I didn't really start hurting until about 2 weeks ago. I thought it was b/c of my body getting all of my meds out of my symptom. I found out I was preg at 3 weeks and stopped all meds that day. I am looking forward to week 12. A lot of people told me that it most likely will go into remission. I pray so. Good luck and God Bless. If I find anything that helps I'll post it.


fibromom05 - May 22

I hear people going into remission when they get preggos! That's awesome! Unfortunately for me, I developed fibro b/c I was preggos and dealt with this horrifying pain and stuff my whole pregnancy and didn't know what it was, just thought it was me having a horrible pregnancy. We didn't know until 7 months? maybe 6 mo after the baby was born.


hterry - July 27

Hi, I have not bene diagnosed with FMS but have all the symptoms and I am currently 19 weeks preganant. Before I found out I was preganant, I went into a flareup for about two weeks. I was sleeping 18 hours a day and had terrible headaches, aches and pains everywhere. I started to feel a little better. But now at 19 weeks I can I am going backinto a flare up.



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