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re: the dentist
13 Replies
lacey - March 9

For as long as I've been aware, every time I go to the dentist to have a filling, the injection (usually two) hurts unbelievably and I can still fell the drill. I always have to tell me that I can feel it and have to sometimes have up to 7 or 8 injections. This then takes up to nearly 3 weeks before I my jaw is back to normal.

I this just me or does any one else have problems with pain, drilling and injections?

I hate going to the dentist sooo much.



Fantod - March 9

Hi Lacey - Yes, that would be me. The nerve paths in my mouth are apparently not where they are supposed to be. And, my system chews up the lidocaine very quickly. My dentist will probably retire early because of me. I have always had this problem. I had a horrible dentist as a child who disregarded my pain complaints. That only compounded my problems with the dentist going forward.

I always take extra medication about 45 minutes before the appointment. That helps with jaw pain afterwards. I also have TMJ so I use my splint as soon as the appointment is finished. I've had the same dentist for over ten years now. He is the soul of patience, and does everything that he can to make and keep me comfortable.

You are not alone with this problem. By the way, welcome to the board! Take care.


January - March 10

ohhhhh…. the dentist. I've had very sensitive, strange teeth since I was a kid, and was not given novocaine. Because I needed so much dental work, I now have a big PTSD problem. I know I need to go regularly, but I just… can't…. stand… it.


lacey - March 10

I always wondered why i have to have soooo many injections.

Sorry I have no idea what TMJ is. As I said in another thread, I've only just been diagnosed with Fibro, so all this talk is new to me.

After reading a lot of the threads here, I feel a little worse than I did before reading them.. it makes me think I've felt nothing yet and am going to be in for even more serious pain.

Thanks for the welcome.


Fantod - March 10

Lacey - TMJ disorders cause tenderness and pain in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) — the joint on each side of your head in front of your ears, where your lower jawbone meets your skull. This joint allows you to talk, chew and yawn.

TMJ disorders can be caused by many different types of problems — including arthritis, jaw injury, or muscle fatigue from clenching or grinding your teeth.

In most cases, the pain and discomfort associated with TMJ disorders can be alleviated with self-managed care or nonsurgical treatments. Severe TMJ disorders may need to be treated with dental or surgical interventions.

Take some time to read all of the information in the blue boxes on the lefthand side of this page. Take care.


Fantod - March 10

January - I have had extensive dental work done as a result of my TMJ. The best dentist that I have ever seen (I've had three now) are educated through the Pankey Institute. The Pankey Institute is the equivalent of a masters course for dentistry. Any dentist that has gone to Pankey is uniquely suited to manage patients with dental phobias. They are actually taught (imagine that) how to allay fear and make the patient comfortable. I've actually had my current dentist by the front of his shirt a couple of times. He could talk me down off the ledge of a high rise - lol. I think that he must have nerves of steel. Probably has to do with having five kids - I'm number 6. He follows up with me after every session to make sure that I am comfortable and not having any complications. I'd encourage you to look into finding a Pankey dentist for your dental work. Take care.


January - March 10

Thank you Fantod. I will check on this. I had SO much dental work done, including extensive surgeries - and I became so extremely ill - that I think my dentist no longer wants to bother with me.

He was quite wonderful, and I went to him for many years. Then he referred me to a surgeon who worked on me for years. These were top-notch people. But now I'm worse off than ever. And the PTSD is paralyzing.

Let me just warn everybody, be VERY careful with the root canals, and make sure you go to an endodontic specialist. A badly done root canal can cause an infection you won't even feel - it can grow for years - and then you have infected bone and a real mess!

cheers all


Fantod - March 10

I have been to top notch endodontic specialists and over the years have had three root canals. Every one of them resulted in serious illness afterwards. I developed raging sinus infections among other things that just would not quit. They were both upper and lower teeth.

All of the people involved in my treatment were completely baffled. My last reaction was so extreme that my dentist will no longer allow root canals. He'll do an extraction and fight with the insurance company to get an implant done. Go figure....


lacey - March 10

After hearing from other people over the years about root canal therapy, I wouldn't dream of having it done. I'm bad enough with injections and drilling, so R.C Therapy is not for me but thanks for the warning. It sounds like ppl with Fibro are fully sensitive to dentist treatments.

I had a really good sleep last night. Slept a full 8 hours and only woke up once to go to the loo and no pins and needles. It's a rarity.

Yep, I will read that now about TMJ.


January - March 10

Fantod - I would like to talk to you about the dental problems. I am going to try to reach you by email, via someone else who posted his email address. I have some theories… but of course! : )

Here's howlin at you! Remember that!


lacey - March 10

Hi January, would you mind giving a link to that TMJ article? I've been looking for a bout an hour and can't find it any where.

Thanks in advance


Fantod - March 11

OK - January - I'll be looking for your email.


January - March 11

Hi Lacey,

I think it was Fantod who was discussing the TMJ - I have it in a mild form, but I have chosen to leave it alone. Did you google TMJ?

I tried the night guards (to prevent grinding your teeth) - they were expensive and they just made me grind more, I guess I was bothered by something strange in my mouth.


lacey - March 11

yes I googled and found it. I read it and found I have 2 or 3 symptoms but unsure if I have it full blown. Clicking when I chew and used to get lock jaw quite often. I think there was something else but can't remember now.

I think my memory have gone on a holiday.



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