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shiver and unblance , Plz help , iam afraid?
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Ena - July 12

any one could tell me all the symptoms and all what i will have?
my legs is so heavy , i am walking so slow iam 25
what after ten years ???
plz help


smallkate101 - August 2

for each person fibro is different so I cannot say how you will feel in 10 years. You seem so frightened but just remember that fibromyalgia is something you have to take control of. You CANNOT let it control, or run your life! Living in fear will not help you. So my advice is to get a cup of tea, sit down and take a break. Take a few deep breaths and take it one day at a time. =) Hope this helps!



Elainesgirl - August 9

Hi Kate,
I have been a sufferer of pain since 1977, I was probably about your age. There are so many problems with Fibro, but, if you have support in your life that will take the time to help you and them read up on the issues with Fibro, it will certainly make life worthwhile. Do you have a doctor that has diagnosed you with Fibro. if not that is the first thing you need. I will be here for you to help you get throught this and to be an ear for you. I will help you totally as much as I can. I am a 53 year old woman who was diagnosed finally in 2003, by a lupus specialist. from there I went on disability. I was in PA at the time, and now am in NC. Let me know how I can help and I will direct you to my e-mail site to keep whatever private you want. E's girl


Elainesgirl - August 9

So sorry Kate this was to be for Ena, sorry Ena the last message published was for you. So there you have it, FIBRO FOG, a well defined symptom of Fibro. Alot of symptoms to go over and different ways to get relief. Right now, I am not eating, so I guess this is one of the newest symptoms I am addressing. E's girl


Ena - August 10

Thanks Dear
i dont know about PA or NC, all what i want to ask now about , i have pain in the felsh of my Reproductive system, and stomic pain too?
could i be mama
and what about sex?
plz hep and reply
thanks agian for yr nice helping...


Elainesgirl - August 10

Hi Ena,
I had sex for several years after being in pain. However if you are having pain you may want to find out why. If you are asking if you are pregnant, can't answer that one either. Are you in a loving relationship where you have support for your fibro issues, if not, run. If he isn't there now he won't be there later either, and you HAVE to have someone who understands and is willing to read up on, with you, what your body is going through. There will be a lot of drs. appts. to help you with the symptoms of Fibro. Some meds you won't be able to drive on, and the road is rough. Unless you have 120% support from your partner, you will be alone to go through this. I'm just telling you straight up, and it is the truth. Elainesgirl


Elainesgirl - August 10

Ena, I just got an update from Web MD check it out it talks about sex and fibro. Good luck. E'sgirl


ltrain2390 - October 31

I get the same way when the weather changes or the barometric pressure or right before it rains. My legs feel like they way a thousand pounds. and its hard to stand or walk.


Auvonto - November 3

ena where are you from? they are right you really need to find a dr. in your area to help you.


oktoberlady - November 18

Oh honey, I know it's hard. I've had it for over 30 years now, I'm on disability and right now, very limited in what I can do. Exersize is very important. Walking is the best. Simple mobile arm exersizes to keep your arms from stiffening. But the walking will help with your legs. It's the only exersize I can do.Take it slow and short at first. Just a little walk. Then after a while, increase it, just a little. Build it slowly until you are walking a mile, even if it takes a year to do it. Go slow and pace yourself. Never push or rush. IF you get tired, STOP. Hope this helps a little. Oktoberlady


Ena - December 8

Iam from Egypt, we cant find a specific dr. Rheumatic. who can help, he make me feel that i am not normall , when i am talking about my pain
we dont dr. that care about u in everything



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