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Should I conceive?
3 Replies
Stacy - August 18

I am 31 years old and very conflicted about trying to conceive a child. I was officially diagnosed with fibro about 20 years ago but had symptoms starting when I was about 10 yrs. I am on several meds that I'm concerned about and need to talk to my MD about. My concern is that I will be so bad without my meds and would a child be worth all that pain and suffering. I'm worried about going back into a severe depression due to the pain. I've come so far and I'm very conflicted about it. My husband is understanding, but will I wish I had a kid when I'm older.


Pauline - February 18


Imagine the burden of guilt on the child born who has to be 'worth' all the pain and suffering.

Children take, take, and then take some more - 24/7. You have enough to deal with with fibro, let alone look after a child. Imagine if the child has special needs, too.

I know - I have children myself. I feel guilty every day not being able to do what normal mothers can.

Once you have a child you can't - and wouldn't - change it, but given the choice ... tough call. I'd say sponsor a third world child instead.

Good luck.


Jessie - May 13

I have two children that were born before I had symptoms of fibromyalgia. They are 11 and 8. I feel it is very worth it. If having children is something that you've always wanted, don't let the fibromyalgia stop you! You have to try to do things you enjoy because life cannot be all about the pain! I know it's hard to remember that, but I try to look for the good in every day. Sometimes it's the little things like flowers and a sunny day. Other times it's huge things like my kids.
But, I guess to best answer your question would be to tell you that I am trying for child number 3 after having the fm for about two years.
On the other hand, if having childred isn't something that you've always wanted, then don't. It's OK not to. Do keep in mind that some people think fm could be hereditary. (My mother and a cousin both have it also)
Hope this helps you with your tough decision.


Charissa Love - August 18

Wow- guess are the only one that can answer this question! I think you need to take a weekend alone somewhere beautiful and seriously think about what YOU want, what your husband wants, and what would be best for your child. Only you should answer huge life decisions like this one! Don't allow anyone else to write the next chapter of your book! Good Luck!



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