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Skin painfull to touch
20 Replies
kerrygold - July 1

Hi everyone

I have pretty much accepted that I have FM and am still discovering answers to things that are happening to my body.

Can anyone shed light on this: Sometimes patches of skin on my body, usually arms, hands or legs feel like they have been scalded or sunburnt, even if anything lightly brushes up against the area it is really sore and uncomfortable, is this anything to do with FM?

Thanks for your help


Fantod - July 1

kerrygold - Yes, that is one of the many perks associated with Fibromyalgia (FMS). It is probably nerve pain which can be treated using gabapentin.

Another common problem is called "Allydonia" which causes pain from any pressure being applied to the skin. Clothing, pressure from bras, a hug, the blood pressure cuff can all cause varying amounts pain. There is nothing that can be done about this other than to accomodate it by figuring out what you can wear etc. I have allydonia and there are days it makes me crazy. If I could leave my house wearing a night dress, I would.

Go online to Amazon and purchase "Fibromyalgia for Dummies." It contains good basic information and it would be very helpful to read. Take care and enjoy the holiday weekend.


kerrygold - July 1


Thanks I will


Sonja44 - July 25

Fun stuff. Some days the seams on my clothing hurt too bad for me to wear them...I'm with you Fantod...ultra soft night shirt...sometime worn inside out.

I have had severe nerve pain behind my left a cattle prod to raw nerves. I was given tramydol (sp?) which helped...but good greif...horrific pain.


kcyran - August 16

I too have this problem. Sometimes the edge of the pillow feels like a razorblade against my face. Small things feel like my skin is being rubbed raw. One of the few, albeit temporary, things I have used is a topical analgesic with benzocaine, like the lotions that come with a waxing kit. When one spot is particularly painful, I rub a little on it and it gives me temporary relief. You can buy it in the beauty section of any drug store.


smilesaver72 - September 15

Yes me too, since I have increased to 900 mg of neurontin it is better. I still get that raw burning sensation at times but not as often. Sometimes just the touch of my palms on the laptop feels raw and tender.


Cher0208 - September 26

First time for me getting this symptom. My fibro doctor gives me weekly injections of Magnesium and also a mixture of stuff for energy. The injections are in my butt but high up. Usually the shots hurt like hell while I'm getting them and for about a day. So I got my last shot 10 days ago. 3 days ago one of the injection sites (left cheek) stated to hurt which was weird because it was a week since my last shot. Everyday this pain is getting worse. At first I was terrified of the fact that it could be an infection but the skin looks 100% normal. It feels more like the skin was burnt and hurts to the touch...sometimes even when it's not being touched. I have been worried sick about it until I read your posts and realize this is probably just another fibro perk. Although I called my doc over the weekend and she said she wants to see me Tuesday to take a look. Def feels like nerve pain and I am having a whole body flare right now. I wish this bullshit would let up. I need a break from this pain.


reneelynnfox - May 9



boomer - November 16

Yes, the weather is a bully! lol b12 shots can help with energy. and i get the energy drink called 5hr energy it helps me with the pain some too.


Sonja44 - January 29

skin too painful to sucks. sometimes I can't wear normal clothes... cuz the seams hurt too bad next to my skin. moist heat can sometimes help.

I mostly buy super soft materials only or wear clothes (that will be next to my skin) inside out (to avoid seams).


reneelynnfox - January 30

I AM SO TIRED OF THIS PAIN!! My body hurts all the time ,I even try to walk on the treadmill but it huts so bad and when I'm done my hips are jus Done !!!!!! I have no energy also :(


Sonja44 - February 1

(Gentle hugs) I feel ya reneelynnfox. My left underarm is so painful (and has been for a week now) I want to scream...but I don't have the energy to do so.

I did my stretches today so I haven't been a total slug...but they wore me now I am a slug in my recliner. I would like to steep in a nice hot vat of aspercreme LOL.


reneelynnfox - February 3

I see Dr. Tuesday I sure will ask for that shot, what does the magnesium shots help with??


reneelynnfox - February 3

Lol ( Gentle hugs back ) if I could live in a hot tub I would be in hog heaven lol.... well I go to Dr. Tuesday I'm going to ask for a shot for more energy...ughhhhh I'm on my feet all day at work, by the end of the day I can hardly move :( Hope your better today !!!!


Sonja44 - February 13

I went to the doctor too as the underarm pain was unbearable for too long. Doc says I have an infected lymph node. Yikes! Apparently, people with auto-immune diseases can get these lymph infections.

I'm on a mega dose of antibiotics. Pain has subsided quite a bit...but I'm still exhausted and sleeping like crazy. This infection is really taking it out of me.

Hope your appointment goes well. I think manganese is needed for other vitamins to work at their best. Auto immune folks tend to be low in that and potassium.


KarenCee - March 13

I can relate to the skin sensitivity issue. Sometimes my husband will lightly rub my hand or arm and it almost makes me cry. Tags in shirts? Oh lord, those things are removed! I love finding shirts without tags. Inner seams can sometimes bother me too. Stress induces a HUGE fibro flare - makes it hard to work some days (I teach). I was reading a bit about fibro and other health issues that can accompany FMS and one of them is IBS, which I have. Was diagnosed with FMS in 2010 and with IBS last year. Sigh. Weather is a really big issue with me right now. Cold makes me hurt terribly at times. I have Gabapentin (1500mg a day)and Tramadol for pain. One of our parent volunteers at my school made me some knitted "wristies" to help with the pain in my hands. I just hope the yarn doesn't start to bother me because those things are so helpful!



eaglelady5457 - May 20

I got this fibro about a year ago and now i am experiencing depression, touch to the skin hurts all the time, is depression part of it too and loss of so much energy, Please help me to understand this.



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