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Stomach pain and period pain?
11 Replies
bmcgovern - October 22

Does anyone experience severe stomach pain? I have had stomach issues since i was 12 years old and i am now 22. I get nauseated and have a problem with stomach acid. I am not able to have dairy, greasy food, sugar and red meat. I have many other symptoms including, headaches, shortness of breath, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, my legs get so weak where i feel like i am going to fall, i am so sensitive to light, I get lightheaded a lot, i get hot and cold flashes. I have been to the doctor's numerous of times and have gotten told nothing is wrong with me. I do take natural medicines most prescription medications do not agree with me. I do workout to get my muscles stronger. I also get really sick to my stomach before i start my period and when i am on my period and am wondering if anyone else is experiencing any of these symptoms.


tnichel - October 22

It sounds like whatever condition you have is not under control. I have a lot of stomach problems since losing my gall bladder. I have to stay away from much of the same foods you do. I have ibs. My doc put me on bentyl and welchol. welchol is used to lower cholesterol but also to reduce bile in the stomach. The bentyl helps with stomach spasms that can have you running to the bathroom all day long and helps with the stomache cramping. you may want to ask you doc about it.

Have you been diagnosed with ibs,celiac's or maybe crohns? Find another doctor if the current one isn't helping. You're too young for it to be nothing and going undiagnosed will also make the situation worse.

As far as pms pains, yes, mine are horrible. I get out of wack for 2 weeks every month b/c of it and it sucks. I was on birth control to control the pain but had to stop b/c it wasn't working well with my other meds. My ob/gyn said to start taking tylenol, or whatever you prefer, 48 hourse before my cycle starts. She believes I have pmdd and that was my first concern once I couldn't manage the pain on my own.

Also your doc may be able to give you something for the pain that helps both fibro ad pms issues so you won't have to take a lot of different meds. The doc told me tramadol would help with the period pains but it doesn't. Also get therma-care heat pads to put on your abdomen when the pain is bad. It really helps. See a ob/gyn as soon as possible b/c although it's most likely nothing severe pms pains could be symptomic of fibroids, cysts or other gynecological problems. Try not to worry but see a doc as soon as possible. Good luck!


bmcgovern - October 23

Thank you,

I have had a stomach scope done and they only found irritation spots. They said there is nothing wrong with me. I have alot of stomach acid, But i do not think i have crohns. I do not know what cellacs are. I believe my stomach condition is caused from the fibro. I take natural medications because most prescriptions mess with me. My cholesterol is really good. I eat really healthy. When i do have my period i get nauseated and just pain there is nothing that helps it, but i appreciate the advice.


Fantod - October 23

Celiac is a gluten sensitivity in its most severe form. It is possbile to be sensitive to gluten without having full blown celiac disease. The best way to test for gluten sensitivity is using a stool sample. If you have not been tested for gluten, I suggest that you get it done. Many people with Fibromyalgia (FMS) have problems with gluten, lactose and medications. The results are chronic stomach problems of one variety or another and/or IBS.

Take care.


Canada17 - October 23

Hey, you sound a lot like me! I do my best to adhere to an elimination diet (usually for people with Chrons Disease). Things like tomatoes and peppers seems to cause a lot of stomach problems as well as white flour. I suffer from IBS, always have, but there is no real test to diagnose it (kind of like FMS) it's usually diagnosed by ruling out other more serios conditions.

I have problems tolerating pharmaceuticles, even some natural remedies. You could try Green Tea to calm your stomach. It worked very well for me but I have the unfortunate side effect of heart palpitations when I drink it so I stopped.

My period kicks my butt some months and other months I don't even know I'm getting it until I've got it. A warm bath usually helps, as well as Pamperin/Midol (I prefer Pamperin pink for irritability, blue for headaches).

I'm in Canada though, so the medications I have available to me are different than what you have available to you.

One thing that I find helps is focusing more on what makes me feel better than what makes me feel worse because more often than not there is no correlation between what I'm ingesting and why I hurt.

I hope I've helped a little. Take care!


FibroGal - October 26

Hi, bmc. I have IBS. I just posted a thread on the general discussion about my frustrations with it. I have alot of what you describe, also. Seems I can't eat anything I like without it bothering my stomach as well as my intestines. You know, you can get some of those symptoms you describe with IBS, including fatigue, headaches, nausea and back pain. It's worse during my period, too. I had an endoscopy done about 2 years ago (my 2nd or 3rd) and my doctor said my stomach was irritated. I also have GERD, so is that what he means? I don't know. Oh, and stick around long enough and you'll figure out that I'm also extremely anxiety-ridden. It's annoying. I'm a nuisance to myself and everyone around me. But, take heart. I think most of us here can relate in some way or another to what you're experiencing.


bmcgovern - October 26

Thank you,
I do drink tea it does help also using peppermint oil in your tea is good. I have had numerous blood test and they all come back negative. When i am on my period it's not usually the cramps that bother me it's my stomach i think it's all of the hormones making my stomach sick. I feel nauseated and just bad pain in my stomach. The food that bothers me is stuff with sugar, Greasy food, Dairy and red meat. Most vegetables are fine with me, but i do have bad stomach acid to which doesn't help me. I have found what i can and can't eat. But thanks for the advice. One thing that helps me it's called bentonite clay it cleanses the stomach and coats it. You can get it from a natural food store.


bmcgovern - October 26

I have learned what i can and can't eat. I get irritable to. One thing i have noticed that helps the stomach is Bentonite Clay. I cleanses the stomach and helps coat it. You can get it at any health food store. When i got my stomach scope done they said i have irritation spots to, but they said there isn't anything you can take for it. One thing that does help with the irritation is yoga. It really calms you i have done that and it works and if your really frustrated go work out it helps release any anger or irritability.


KateT1969 - November 14

the best thing that happened to me after I had my youngest child my uterus was completely taken, those month long cramps are gone , try magnesium it really does help


shadow - November 26

I have alot of stomach pains like you have talked about. I have been told I have gerd, ibs, Fibromyalgia and astma and many other things but nothing that I take seems to help the pain. I also get pains in my head where the bones themselves hurt and at times I can even hear them pop. For many years they told me nothing was wrong with my stomach it was only stress.


bmcgovern - November 30

I have gone to the doctors so many times for my stomach and they say there is nothing wrong. They did a scope and took a few biopsy's from my stomach and still didn't find anything but a couple irritation spots. I have to be extremely careful on what i eat. So many foods make me so sick. I only take natural medication it helps relieve some pain but prescriptions just make me sick. The only over the counter medication i take is Prilosec and Tylenol or Ibuprofen. I do stress sometimes, but even when i am relaxed and everything is fine my stomach out of nowhere will start hurting and i get nauseated alot. I have so much stomach acid, I stay away from anything that has citric acid in it. The week before i get my period i get very sick to my stomach and the week of. I get nauseated bad. I am wondering if its a hormonal balance. Thank you to all of you for sharing your stories with me.


forchip - December 10

To bmcgovern, my husband has fibro. Just before Thanksgiving he developed stomach pain which has been severe on an off. Also has acid reflux (for years, but this pain is new. His GP suggested and Ultrasound to look for gallbladder problems but the results say nothing wrong with GB. We went to see Gastro who also viewed results and said no problems - he belives the pain is related to Fibro, we thought he was nuts but after reading your post and the responses to it I believe he is correct. Rather than run to other specialists (we've been to many) we've decided to find a better Primary Care to treat Fibro and focus on alternative treatments, and change his diet ASAP (he eats lots of fast food and snacks on junk too). A BIG THANKS TO ALL who posted on this site (been reading them for about 2hrs) My head was spinning with trying to find specialists and deal with so many separate health issues that I now believe are all related to FIBRO. Feeling something I have not in a long time, HOPE.



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