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swelling on back of knees
14 Replies
Auvonto - December 30

for a while now i have had this swelling on the back of my knee area. i thought that i just had fat knees in the back. but lately they have been a little bothersome. the left leg is a little bigger than the right. for a long time when i would squat down my knees would feel like theyre going to explode. now im wondering if the swelling has something to do with it. i looked it up online but all i could find is something about Baker's Cyst but it really doesnt fit me. does anyone have this? its not just one little bump its the whole back side of my knee. i can cup the swelling in my hand. could this be fluid build up. i have an appointment with a rheumy in january so i will be sure to show it to her. i know when all this first started i showed it to my family doc. but he said its nothing. well i think someone else needs to look into this. something is wrong. hopefully not serious but i just need to know. thanks for letting me vent :)


Fantod - December 30

Auvonto - I'm not sure what is wrong but I can understand your concern. Your doctor was certainly out of line to dismiss it. Swelling anywhere is an indication something is amiss. Be sure to show it to the rheumy. If it get worse between now and then, get back into see your doctor and make them pay attention. Try not to panic in the interim. Take care.


Auvonto - December 30

Thanks Fantod, I will certainly show the rheumy. I hope that it doesnt get any worse but I will go see someone if need be. and I wont panic :) Thanks, you take care as well.


January - January 7

Weird. I have had a lump that comes and goes behind one knee for decades. A good doctor dismissed it years ago, said "leave it alone." As I've aged, however, I have much more pain in that hip, and a sense of fullness in that leg. I've wondered if it is a problem with lymphatics - but never linked it to fibro. If it's any consolation to you, my lump appeared 30 years ago, and nothing "serious" ever came of it.


Auvonto - January 10

I hope that is the issue here that nothing is serious about the swelling. tomorrow is my appt with the rheumy so we shall see. :)


Fantod - January 11

Auvonto - Just wondering how your appointment with the rhuemotologist went today.


January - January 12

Hi Auvonto, wondering the same as Fantod - if there's something new about lumps and fibro! Hope everything went well for you... :)


Auvonto - January 12

ok I guess. they are testing me for Lupus now. about the swelling....they werent as swollen so she didnt have much to say. i will bring it up again when I go back next month. I will make a bigger deal out of it then. but I have noticed the past couple days they werent as big so. maybe its nothing. that always happens with me i hurt like heck or whatever then when its time to get to the dr so they can see its either not as bad or gone. then i really look stupid. but hey at least they did blood test lets see i hope not lupus but i hope they find something that will let me know im not losing it. thanks for checkin on me


leslie316 - January 15

Auvonto, I have the same issue when I go to the doctor. It is weird. I wanted to let you know that I have swelling behind my knees also and was wondering if it has anything to do with fibro. I hope your Lupus tests come out fine.


January - January 16

Hi all. I should have intro'd myself as a newbie. This site is great. Since Auvonto brought this issue up - and I've had a flare with leg pain - I palpated my leg as well as I could. I feel several lumps deep in the tissue, midline, up the back of my thigh and I know they've been there before. Lymphatics? Mine come and go, but I DK why. Fantod's right, swelling shouldn't be dismissed (as mine was). But I've had things like lipomas which are not serious and not worth the surgery. Fibro is a challenge: you get better, then it hits you from another direction! Hang in and hope your tests come out well. :) and PS - years ago one dr. did order a scan of my leg veins which came out OK... just an idea. good luck.


Fantod - January 16

Jamuary - Welcome to the board! What you are describing are probably trigger points. These are muscles that have contracted and will not release on their own. This is just another "perk" associated with Fibromyalgia (FMS). I have them all over my legs. They do come and go. If you have an area that is particularly troublesome (base of neck,lower back etc)the trigger points can be injected to break the pain cycle. Take care.


January - January 17

Fantod - you are amazing! I've had fibro for decades. I never put it together that lumps on my legs could be trigger points! But those thigh muscles have been weak for a long time. Thanks for the feedback. And the welcome :) TPs on my back were greatly helped with lidocaine injections - insist on a small bore needle, folks! An acupuncturist/MD anesthesiologist did it, and he was so good the injections weren't painful. He retired, and a regular doctor tried the injections and OW! So I'll have to find someone to check the legs. Thank you again. Sleep well.


keepmoving - January 17

I have had that too - when I'm feeling overall body pain the back of my knees are tender to the touch. I just consider it a part of everything, but yours seems worse, so you should certainly mention it to the doc.


Auvonto - January 18

hi all. I'm still waiting to hear the deal about the Lupus test the dr told me it would be some time. my appt is in Feb so I'll find out then. my legs are again feeling the pain in the back of the knee but not as bad. i will let you know what i find out thanks for the well wishes.


seawitch1961 - April 2

I have the exact same thing and have been told it is myxedema due to hypothyroid which does seem to run with FM patients. The whole backs of my knees are lumpy like fluid filled cysts and I think it is the same thing you are describing but it is a collection of mucin in the cells which is a gel like substance that proliferates in people with hypothyroidism. It took me almost two years to find out what it was. It went away from Sept 10 to Feb 10 - it is back now and very uncomfortable. Did you find out what it was for you?



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