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untreated and fustrated
2 Replies
deigodirty1 - June 16

I've seen a few doctor's and so far they tell me it's bursitis and arthritis, I hurt all the time if someone pokes me it hurts espicially in the legs or hip area, my headaches from my neck up my shoulders hurt down my arms to my hands, when I work at the end of the night i can't hardly move, hot shower just works for about an hour, I haven't slept a goodnight in about a year with all the stress from home my mom being ill and passing to work always complaining I'am not doing anything right, I stepped down from my current position as a machine operator to a packer so to relive some stress. I don't get much sleep though, when I try to move in bed it hurts to roll over,doctors gave me cloyprinze and norco but that doesn't seem to help. the doctor took blood test and said the test for rumotology came back ok but my tryclides were up to 215 so I need to take fish oil pills plus the provastaitin, what do i do i tried the curriumn, and the natural sleepaide not much hurts to walk or sit. i feel like they think I'am making this up but I'am not. I have to work a very physical job and it's getting harder everyday to just get up and go to work. what do I do Where do I go from here. I know there are people out there worse then me but can someone help me give me some advice please. I went to the bone doctor and he took xrays and sent me to the spine doctor which he wants to see me on the 29th so maybe he saw something in the xray if he wants to see me. i just need someone to believe me and to want to help me.


Fantod - June 16

deigodirty1 - Have you seen a rheumotologist? You need to find a fibro-friendly one. Go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and find a listing of fibro-friendly doctors in your state. Or, call your local hospital and ask for the physician referral service. Ask them for a recommendation to a pain management specialist and/or a rheumy (I have both) with an interest in FMS.

I have bursitis in both hips and shoulders. Have you been offered physical therapy for this? Deep heat using microwave technology can be effective and is part of PT in addition to stretching exercise.

Another option is cortisone shots. Personally, I am not a big fan of cortisone as it lowers your immune system. This is not something anyone with Fibromyalgia (FMS) should want. But, as a last resort, the shots do help. I understand how painful it is to walk or sit with bursitis. When mine first started, I thought that I was going to lose my mind. If you have not been offered PT or cortisone, I would be demanding to know why.

Believe it or not, fresh pineapple has an enzyme that breaks up bursitis. Eat as much of it as you can stand or go to the health food store and ask them for bromelin capsules - the higher the better in strength.

Bursitis is also triggered by diet. Eating deep fried food, red meat, tomato, junk food and fast food will all set it off.

As for using Curamin and a sleep aid - you quit using them too soon. You have had a chronic pain cycle going for quite sometime. The longer that continues, the harder it becomes to stop or manage. Start taking the curamin and a sleep aid and anything else you've been given whether you think it is working or not. And keep taking them until someone gets your medical situation sorted out. Some sleep is better than none. Over time, you may notice some improvement in your situation by taking the meds. This is not a situation that taking a pill in going to solve overnight.

When you see the spinal specialist, go over all of your issues again to see if he might recommend someone too. Have you told anyone point blank that you think that you may have FMS? It is possible that your headaches are the result of a problem in your spine.

You have every right to be frustrated at this point. Most of of us have gone through similar situations while trying to get a firm diagnosis for either FMS or an underlying issue. You have to be your own best advocate and keep going. Good luck and take care.


January - June 17

Hi - I agree with all Fantod wrote. Just a couple extra notes. I see you mentioned that you are taking a statin - I think you mean pravastatin? You might want to google "statins" or "Pravachol" or "pravastatin" - and read up on the many bad reactions people have had to these drugs. I checked one site on pravastatin and the majority of posts there were about bad reactions, including pain in the muscles and even in the spine. Also rashes. Here is information I copied from the NIH site about problems with pravastatin.

"Some side effects can be serious. The following symptoms are uncommon, but if you experience any of them, call your doctor immediately:
muscle pain, tenderness, or weakness
lack of energy
yellowing of the skin or eyes
pain in the upper right part of the stomach
extreme tiredness
unusual bleeding or bruising
loss of appetite
flu-like symptoms
difficulty breathing or swallowing
swelling of the face, throat, tongue, lips, eyes, hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs
Pravastatin may cause other side effects. Call your doctor if you have any unusual problems while taking this medication."

You should know that statin drugs are notorious for causing (in SOME people) severe muscle pain and weakness and many other problems. I don't know when your pain started - before statins or after statins - but if it started after taking the statins, you should discuss this with your doctor. Try to learn all you can about them, and you decide if you really need them. There is a lot of controversy about whether or not they are good for you - just learn about this and make up your own mind. Also, as you are taking prescription medications, make sure you double check with your doctor before you take any supplements that you read about. Sometimes these supplements can interact with medications. You might also ask your doctor about taking Co Q-10 along with your statins, because statins usually reduce the level of Co Q-10 in your body.

Most of us know how frustrating it is to be in severe pain and to feel exhausted from lack of sleep. These issues must be addressed, and if your doctor isn't doing it, try to find another one.

Also, you mention your mom was ill and passed away. I'm so sorry to hear that. I also went through enormous stress like that, and I highly recommend getting some counseling if you can. It will help a lot to talk to someone about it, and also to talk about your physical problems. Sometimes a good counselor can refer you to the best doctors in the area.

Wishing you the best. You WILL get better when you find the right treatments for you. Most of all, you need to educate yourself as much as you can about the medical issues involved with fibro. There are many doctors who are just too busy to learn much about it, so you have to learn it yourself.



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