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Vitamin D deficiency
21 Replies
eaglewings - March 10

i have been sick for a long time but have gotten worse since 1-5-2009 for 10 months i could not get out of bed my grand daughter was born that day and i could not even go i could not even pick up phone when they called to tell me she was born.well after 2 trips 2 the hosp. and heart in afib i now am on heart pill and just been told i have low vit d defieciency 50000 units 3 times a week i sure hope this helps me get better i have creied even begged God to take me home no body knows the pain i have been in i have poly and fibro myalgia osteoarthritis knee disease plantar fisitis in both feet neropathy sleep apnea pelvic floor dysfunction heart disease chronic fatigue chronic pain just to mention a few and i am told that low vit d causes a lot of this i sure hope so i am ready to feel better i have been praying for over a year for God to send me a miracle i think that rhematologist that i can't even pronunce his name is my angel sent from above i sure hope so anyway


belle1329 - March 12

Wow, I just noticed that I commented here on almost exactly a year ago, Right after that I found out I had Osteoporosis after a bone density test. Interesting I was diagnosed with FM about a year prior to this finding... hmmm..........


belle1329 - March 12

How did your husband make out. did you find out any more info on which disease caused your quite---"because of something with one of these illnesses, the body isn't able to absorb the nutrients and maintain them like it should." Thanks Just curious. Hope he is doing better.


mdevore3 - March 13

I have FM and Vit. D deficiency. My doc has me on 2000 mg a day of Vit. D3 supplements. As well as a calcium supplement.

Has anyone tested you for anemia? I found that out about myself recently and that made a world of difference for me. Didn't stop the pain but I have more energy and can deal with the pain of FM and not feel like I have one foot in the grave.

I can't believe how many of us have the Vit D deficiency.


firomama - March 27

so i have to ask, since there are so many here that have vit d problems, what if your levels are fine? mine are, so is my i just lucky? i definitally have FMS. the only part that doesnt bug me to much, my stomach. im pre-ulcerous. at the worst, acid reflux and diahrea. but its not very often.


belle1329 - April 28

lol not the only one with brain fog as writechic said :-)



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