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why just why????
7 Replies
Auvonto - October 18

I dont know whether i'm coming or going. i cant concentrate at all today. i dont know how to even feel. i'm at work and all i want to do is cry. i hurt all over. i'm out of meds. i got my refill of 120 hydrocodons on 10/3/10 and i am already out. i cant focus or anything today. i took my last 3 about an hour ago. and i am still hurting! i have to take at least 3 at once just to relax my body so i can work then i find myself taking more before i even leave work so i can finsish the remainder of my work day then when i get home 3 more so i can cook dinner and even then i am in so much pain i have to keep sitting down my feet hurt extremly bad like i have been standing all day. i have a sit down job at a frigg'n computer so i dont understand the pain sometimes. my hands hurt when i type and my shoulders (i dont have to tell you all here you understand.) i am afraid to tell my pain mang dr that i took all those pills i dont want him to think i am a drug seeker cause to tell the truth i HATE taking pills all the time. i really HATE it. i think i am messing my stomach up i am constantly constipated and my life revolves around it. how can i bring this up to my dr without him thinking im some druggie. i want the pain to just go away. What do i do????


jrdeutmeyer - October 18

I am fairly new to all of this but this is what I battled with for months before my symptoms got so bad that I ended up in the emergency room and losing my job. You have to talk to your doctor. You need maintenance medication. I won't lie and tell you that the maintenance medication takes care of all of the pain but they help you manage your day a little better. Don't give up the fight!


Auvonto - October 18

jrdeutmeyer, thanks what kind of maintenance medication?
i had to leave work i couldnt deal today i cryed an boohoo'd till i had to leave. i feel so ashamed when i do that but i cant help it. i need to get in to see my dr asap before i really freak out. uuggghhh


staceyw1 - October 19

I work on a computer all day too and understand where you are coming from. I take Cynbalta (60 mg daily) as my maintenance medicine and it does help take the edge off the pain plus I take Ultram daily for the pain. If you find a maintenance medicine that works for you it should make a difference. I don't think I could work without mine. Oh, and if your able a heating pad at work helps out with the shoulder pain.


Auvonto - October 20

thanks staceyw1, i have taken both the Cymbalta and ultram the ultram used to work. but the cymbalta didnt thanks


Stacey373 - October 20

Hi Auvonto - What strength of hydrocodone are you taking? if you are taking vicodin (usually 5/325mg) then maybe you can ask your doctor for Norco. Vicodin and Norco are both Hydrocodone....Norco is just a little stronger (10/325mg).

I take Norco and Methadone and they usually work really good for my pain. lately they haven't been working too great...don't know if it's my pain is worse or if I'm just getting immune to the meds. But maybe you can talk to your doctor about giving you something stronger....or even adding in the methadone with what you are already taking.

Hope this helps....I know how awful it is trying to get the right meds and dosages and what-not. Take Care, Stacey :o)


Auvonto - October 21

my pain mang dr put me on 10/325 norco and back on neuroton. i hope this helps. i think it just takes the edge off. i was on 7.5/325 and taking 3 at once about 3xs a day. i just hope that taking both will help and i wont have to take as much


Stacey373 - October 22

I hope that works for you. I was taking 3 neurontin every night and didn't notice one bit of difference with my pain. I think some people can become tolerant to Hydrocodone quickly and that's why we have to take so many pills for it to even help a little bit. But hopefully this combination of medication helps you....

Take Care, Stacey :o)



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