Vitamins,  minerals and muscle function

Although many people with fibromyalgia syndrome rely heavily on muscle relaxants and medications to deal with the pain and discomfort of musculoskeletal symptoms of FMS, there are other methods that can be extremely effective.

Ensuring your intake of specific vitamins and minerals is adequate can go a long way to relieving FMS muscle pains and to stop or at least minimize muscle cramping and twitching.

Magnesium, calcium, vitamins D, B12, and B6 are all important to muscle function and, as it turns out, most people with FMS are deficient in one or all of these minerals and vitamins, often because they are not absorbed well into the body.

Could It Be a Magnesium Deficiency?

In order for muscles to function properly they require adequate amounts of magnesium. Without the proper amount of magnesium, the body develops excessive muscle tension which manifests as twitching, muscle cramps, spasms, tics, and restlessness (especially in the legs).

The muscle tension is created by an imbalance of magnesium to calcium - calcium controls contractions and magnesium controls relaxation. Magnesium deficiency is also implicated in myofascial pain syndrome and may be a huge contributor for sleeplessness.

When you don't get adequate sleep, your body depletes magnesium, which in turn affects the nervous system.

Since FMS is a central nervous system disorder, the lack of adequate magnesium triggers nerve malfunctions - now you have headaches, migraines, Reynaud's phenomena, and hypersensitivity to sound and light.

Magnesium chloride is probably the best way to get magnesium in a form that can be absorbed adequately into the body.

The Role of Calcium in the Muscles

Calcium is necessary for proper muscle function, as well as for bone strength. It is a vital component of nerve conduction and muscle contraction control. Often, people with FMS have a challenge with absorption because the colon isn't doing its job well.

A supplement that is high in calcium as well as magnesium and vitamin D can be very effective in treating the muscle twitching and cramping that accompanies FMS. Calcium carbonate is a form of calcium that seems to be absorbed relatively well by those with fibromyalgia.

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1. Vitamins For Twitches
2. Remember your magnesium
3. Important Vitamin D
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