Shedding a Little Sunshine on the Problem

Vitamin D regulates the calcium metabolism of the body which affects muscles and bones. The contraction and relaxation of the muscles occurs as a result of nerve firing that triggers the flow of calcium into the muscle cells.

When there is a vitamin D deficiency, the levels of calcium required to effectively regulate the muscles is depleted and the result is muscle twitching and musculoskeletal symptoms. 

It is vitamin D that enables the body to absorb calcium from the diet. A low level of vitamin D means the body doesn't absorb the minerals it needs, both calcium and magnesium, that work together for smooth and painless muscle contractions.

Vitamin D can be obtained through the foods we eat: eggs, salmon, sardines, mackerel, tuna, liver, fortified milk, cereal and fruit juices. Cod liver oil is still an excellent source of concentrated vitamin D and can greatly help FMS sufferers with twitching muscles and cramping.

Don't forget the main source of vitamin D is still the sun. Getting outside in the sun regularly helps your vitamin D levels.

Learn more about muscle twitching and weakness for fibro sufferers in this section.

Table of Contents
1. Vitamins For Twitches
2. Remember your magnesium
3. Important Vitamin D
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