Fibromyalgia and Reactive Hypoglycemia

Insulin Sensitivity and Fibromyalgia

The connection between insulin sensitivity and fibromyalgia (FM) has been well established. It is also known that people with fibromyalgia also have hypoglycemia - low blood sugar.

This is exacerbated by the need felt by FM sufferers to increase energy through the consumption of simple carbohydrates. As the wheel turns, fatigue creates carb cravings and the inability of the body to process the excess blood sugar that results from too many carbs leads to weight gain.

Carbohydrates stimulate insulin production which is designed to move glucose into cells where it can be burned as fuel for energy. A person with FM often has a hormonal malfunction which results in an overproduction of insulin and this overproduction means that carbohydrates are not used for fuel but are rather stored in the muscles as fat.

What is Reactive Hypoglycemia?

Reactive hypoglycemia (RHG) is different from fasting hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar resulting from not eating. RHG may be overlooked because it doesn't manifest the same way as fasting hypoglycemia does.

RHG occurs within two or three hours after a large consumption of carbohydrates. The quick influx of carbs into the small intestine leads to rapid glucose absorption and the ultimate production of large amounts of insulin by the pancreas.

Additionally, adrenalin production increases and the adrenals are taxed. Adrenalin is produced to compensate for the excess of insulin from carb flooding. It continues to be produced regardless whether blood sugar falls or not. Left to run uncontrolled, RHG can develop into type 11 diabetes.

RHG may very well contribute to FM symptoms such as:

· Fibro fog

· Fatigue

· Cold sensitivity

· Hypoglycemic symptoms

What are the Symptoms of RHG?

People with RHG are usually overweight and are unable to shed the pounds, a common problem for those with FM. Those with FM have imbalances within several systems in the body that lead to dysfunction. An electrolytic imbalance along with other biochemical imbalances means that the carbohydrates that are so desperately craved cannot be processed effectively.

Symptoms of RHG include:

· Headache

· Dizziness

· Irritability

· Fatigue

· Depression

· Increased sweating

· Numbness or tingling in the hands and feet

· Nervousness

· Concentration difficulties

· Heart palpitations

· Shaky hands

· Carb cravings

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2. Limit those carbs
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Please could you provide your references for this article? I have searched for articles relating to hypoglycaemia and fibromyalgia and have found none when using various medical journal databases. I would like to read the research behind your article.
I have dealt with Reactive Hypoglycemia since having my children, it seems a lot of my health issues have shown up since pregnancy.